Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
Cheeky Weekly ™ REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, COPYRIGHT ©  REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED was a British children's comic with cover dates spanning 22 October 1977 to 02 February 1980.

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Friday 18 December 2020

Gang Pong Merrily on High - Part 2

Cheeky fans perusing 1979's festive edition of Whizzer and Chips would have been gratified to see their toothy chum on the cover (as we saw in the first part of my examination of that issue), and were no doubt anticipating more Cheeky chuckles inside in his role as a member of the Krazy Gang, but maybe they wouldn't have expected to see him make an appearance in Super Store.

Whizzer and Chips 29 December 1979
Art: Bob Hill
Santa's route takes him via IPC's offices
in King's Reach Tower.

A rather intoxicated-looking Cheeky attends the Super Store slap-up feed and, unlike the cover scene, the whole Krazy Gang are in attendance (Store artist Bob Hill is familiar with the Gang's mugs since he's also the artist for their strip).


Among the gathered diners enjoying the festive feast is Steve Ford who was absent from the cover, as well as the full cast of Happy Families who were somewhat depleted on the front page. As well the current stars of the comic, the ever-generous Uncle Rich has invited along a few comic celebs from days gone by. Can you name all the characters in the final panel? There are three whose names elude me - the character wearing a ruff and seated between Chip-ite and Willoughby, the face that can barely be seen above the table between Willoughby and Shiner, and the lad between Shiner and Bewitched Belinda. UPDATE - See Stephen Archer's comment below. There also seems to be a disembodied hand gripping a glass of pop (or maybe something stronger if Cheeky's apparent condition is anything to go by) that's floating above Nobby's party hat. I was a bit confused by Benny 'Lazy' Bones, from whose bonce a rather alarming punk-style hairdo seems to have erupted, but then I realised that it's another example of festive headgear. Pongo Snodgrass is absent. UPDATE - No he's not!

Our toothy pal gets to enjoy a further slap-up nosh at the Krazy Gang's hut in their story.

Art: Bob Hill

Pongo endures a second 'clean-up' this issue (see link above for his first wash), and the tale pleasingly resolves with seasonal goodwill all round. I can only echo Liz's sentiments - Merry Christmas, Readers!

Thursday 10 December 2020

Gang Pong Merrily on High - Part 1

In the same week of 1979 that Cheeky was enjoying festive frolics in his own title, he was also of course appearing in his side hustle as a member of the Krazy Gang over in the Chrimbo edition of Whizzer and Chips.

Art: Sid Burgon

Cheeky is among the comic celebrities gathered together on the front cover. I take it the front page reference to 'The Gang' is supposed to encompass all the assembled funny folk and not just the members of the Krazy crew, who are in fact under-represented as Sporty and Blue are absent. The incomplete Krazy Gang on the cover is probably to avoid the scene becoming cluttered with characters. As it is (if my counting is not at fault) there are 15 Chip-ites (I'm not counting the bat which I assume is accompanying Bewitched Belinda) and 14 Whizz-kids. Cast members of Whizzer's ensemble piece Happy Families are also missing (Mum, Dad and Grandad), as are The 12½p Buytonic Boy, Sweet-Tooth and Tiny Tycoon. We probably wouldn't expect to see characters from the adventure serials Island of Fear and Sheriff Starr. Sadly, seasonal goodwill does not extend to a mingling of comic stars, who resolutely stick to their own Whizz-kid and Chip-ite halves of the page.

Cover artist Sid Burgon seems to been inspired by Bob Hill's Krazy Gang title panel, which has this week been adorned with the traditional sprinkling of snow, when drawing his tongue-lolling depiction of Cheeky.

The Gang's erstwhile Krazy colleague, the existenchialist Pongo Snodgrass, is welcomed onto the cover, and other than Fuss-Pot's askance gaze, his Chip-ite chums are too polite to object to the niff. Pongo's adventure inside the comic concludes with a splat-up feed rather than the traditional slap-up meal. A similar scenario unfolded in the Why, Dad, Why? strip in that week's edition of Cheeky Weekly (see the link in the first paragraph above).

Art: Nigel Edwards

Join me again in a few days when I'll be examining some more festive frolics from this issue of Whizzer and Chips.

Monday 7 December 2020

A Cavalcade of Christmas Capers

I thought I'd create this entry to gather together all the links to the Christmas-related posts I have made. So here you go...

18/12/76    Krazy  Part 1, Part 2
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31/12/77    Cheeky Weekly  Link
23/12/78    Cheeky Weekly’s lost pre-Christmas issue  Follow the links at the bottom of each post to progress through the series.
30/12/78    Cheeky Weekly’s lost Christmas issue  Follow the links at the bottom of each post to progress through the series.
29/12/79    Cheeky Weekly  Link
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25/12/82    Whizzer and Chips Part 1, Part 2
27/12/86    Whizzer and Chips  Part 1, Part 2

I'll be posting an examination of another issue containing festive fun with Cheeky very soon.

Sunday 29 November 2020

RIP Dave Prowse

Sad to hear the media reports of the passing of Dave Prowse. Dave was probably best known around the world for his physical portrayal of Darth Vader, but many UK TV watchers and comic readers of my vintage will have fond memories of him as the Green Cross Man.

Now he really won't be there when we cross the road.

Condolences to Dave's family and friends.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Cheeky gets Bumped (but not by Bernie)

Our toothy pal is featured in one of the strips gathered together for the Cor!! Buster Bumper Fun Book which is on sale from today (24 November 2020). The 'Who's In Charge?' strip originally appeared in the first Cor!! Buster Special, published in April 2019, so if you missed Cheeky's return there's another chance to witness his first comic outing for many years.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Cheeky Weekly Timeline

I've been thinking about providing an easier way for readers to navigate chronologically through Cheeky Weekly's history. Links to all my blog posts can be found at the bottom of the page, but I thought a more convenient solution might be to create this timeline.

Links to my issue summaries of all the issues of Cheeky Weekly are included, as well as mentions of significant events in Cheeky's history which occurred in other comics/media. I haven't yet completed work on the Whizzer and Chips era. I expect to update this timeline periodically until it is as complete as I can make it.

I have put a link to this post in the top section of the blog page so that it's easily accessible in the future.

Most recent update: 24 November 2020 - Added reference to the Cor!! Buster Bumper Fun Book published today.

Updated 12 November 2020: - I had listed Bam, Splat and Blooie and Cocky Doodle as making their debuts in the 29 October AND 31 December 1977 issues. 29 October is the correct date - have now amended the 31 December entry.

Source Cover Date/Date Event
Krazy Issue 1 16/10/1976 Cheeky debuts in the first issue of Krazy in 2 different strips; as a member of The Krazy Gang, and in his own 4-page 'Ello, It's Cheeky strip. The toothy funster wears a jumper with a K on the front (as do all the human members of The Krazy Gang).
Krazy Issue 26 09/04/1977 One-off 2-page The Perils of Walter Wurx appears in addition to Cheeky’s regular 4-pager.
Krazy Issue 34 04/06/1977 First appearance of the occasional series ‘Cheeky’s Pal’.
Krazy Issues 41 to 48 23/07/1977 to 10/09/1977 'Ello. I’m Cheeky strip missing, replaced by the single-page Cheeky’s Pal for 8 issues – possibly because Frank McDiarmid and Willie Cook were working on material for the yet-to-be-announced Cheeky Weekly.
Krazy Issue 45 20/08/1977 First appearance of the C on Cheeky's Jumper, (but only in the Cheeky’s Pal strip, not the Krazy Gang) signalling his impending elevation to superstar status.
Krazy Issue 46 27/08/1977 C on Cheeky's Jumper in Krazy Gang. The C permanently replaces the K in all Cheeky’s appearances from now on.
Krazy Issue 48 10/09/1977 First teaser for a new comic appears in Krazy
Krazy Issue 49 17/09/1977 Second teaser appears in Krazy. ‘Ello It’s Cheeky resumes.
Krazy Issue 50 24/09/1977 Third teaser appears in Krazy
Krazy Issue 51 01/10/1977 Fourth teaser appears in Krazy
Krazy Issue 52 08/10/1977 Final teaser appears in Krazy, revealing new comic will be called Cheeky Weekly
Cheeky Weekly publicity pack 09/1977-10/1977 Cheeky Weekly publicity pack (including dummy first issue with variations from the published version) circulated to newsagents
Buster and Monster Fun/Whizzer and Chips/2000AD (and others?)
15/10/1977 Cheeky Weekly flyer appears in Buster and Monster Fun and Whizzer and Chips. Half-page ad for Cheeky Weekly's first issue appears in 2000AD. Publicity probably appears in other IPC titles this week.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 1 22/10/1977 First issue of Cheeky Weekly. Free gift - Red Jet Rattler.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 2 29/10/1977 Cheeky's Mum's first 'appearance' (only her arm is seen). First Cocky Doodle and Bam, Splat and Blooie. Free gift - Cheeky Fun Wallet.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 3 05/11/1977 All About Skateboarding cut-out booklet begins. Free gift - Friend of Cheeky badge.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 4 12/11/1977 Cheeky's mum is seen for the first time.
ITV 14/11/1977 Cheeky Weekly issue 3 seen in that night's episode of George and Mildred
Cheeky Weekly Issue 5 19/11/1977 Teacher and Auntie Daisy make their Cheeky Weekly debuts. New character the short-sighted dustman appears for the first time.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 6 26/11/1977 Friend of Cheeky T-Shirt Competition. First appearance of Burpo's cousins. Skateboard booklet concludes.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 7 03/12/1977 Cheeky Diary 1978 cut-out begins. Mike Brown's final Creepy Sleepy Tale. Sherlock makes his Cheeky Weekly debut.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 8 10/12/1977 Joke-Box Jury begins. Keith Reynolds takes over artwork duties on Creepy Sleepy Tale. Dan-Dan the Lavender Man makes his Cheeky Weekly debut. Popularity poll.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 9 17/12/1977 Dick Millington contributes art to Cheeky's Week for the first time.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 10 24/12/1977 Baker's Boy makes his Cheeky Weekly debut, and Posh Claude's mum is seen for the first time. Daffy Duck appears for the first time as the cartoon element of the Saturday morning pictures sequence.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 11 31/12/1977 First Christmas issue. Cheeky's relatives appear. First James Bold tale, Fangs of Fear, concludes. Creepy Pantomime replaces Creepy Sleepy Tale for this issue. Cheeky's Week has new-year's-eve cliffhanger ending.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 12 07/01/1978 Cliffhanger from previous issue is resolved. First appearance of Uncle Hamish. Second James Bold tale, The Ghost Highwayman, begins. 'Suddenly' element of Cheeky's Week begins, with first appearance of Newsagent. Cut-out Cheeky Spotter Book of Fun commences. 'Character appearing throughout Cheeky's Week' storylines commence with Do-Good Dora as the first featured character.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 13 14/01/1978 Motorcyclist appears several times during Cheeky's Week. First appearance of work by 'Unknown Cheeky Artist 1', who draws all the Cheeky's Week elements this issue. Joe McCaffrey deputises on Mustapha Million for the first time. Short-sighted dustman appears for the final time. Final Doug's Doodle. Single appearance of the 'Tweety' strip (Sylvester will be co-credited in all future Tweety appearances).
Cheeky Weekly Issue 14 21/01/1978 First appearances of Yikky-Boo, Petula, Gunga Jim and Six-Gun Sam. Tweety and Sylvester appear as the Saturday morning cartoon.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 15 28/01/1978 Baker's Boy appears throughout Cheeky's Week. Cheeky Spotter Book of Fun concludes.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 16 04/02/1978 Skateboard issue - skateboard theme runs throughout Cheeky's Week and many of the other features.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 17 11/02/1978 Bump-Bump Bernie appears throughout Cheeky's Week. 'Name Snail' competition.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 18 18/02/1978 Pin-Up Pal series returns. Manhole Man features throughout Cheeky's Week. Hid Kid's first 'appearance'. First appearance of Road Runner strip.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 19 25/02/1978 Louise appears on multiple Cheeky's Week pages.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 20 04/03/1978 Baby Burpo appears across Cheeky's Week. Final episode of James Bold's tale, The Ghost Highwayman. Final Cocky Doodle.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 21 11/03/1978 Basil Brush competition. Jogging Jeremy appears throughout Cheeky's Week. Debut of Doctor Braincell. Final Daffy Duck strip. Barrie Appleby's first Cheeky's Week art.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 22 18/03/1978 Third James Bold tale, Tower of Terror, begins. Postie features on multiple Cheeky's Week pages. Pongo Snodgrass appears in Creepy Sleepy Tale.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 23 25/03/1978 Lily Pop appears throughout Cheeky's Week. Iddle-I-Po (a pal of Cheeky's from Krazy) makes his sole Cheeky Weekly appearance.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 24 01/04/1978 Easter and April Fool's Day issue. Manhole Man's first appearance on cover, Debut of Constable Chuckle. No 'Cheeky's pal throughout the week' in this issue.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 25 08/04/1978 Petula appears across Cheeky's Week.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 26 15/04/1978 Cheeky's first visit to Krazy Town Harbour. Do-Good Dora features throughout Cheeky's Week.
Krazy Issue 79
15/04/1978 Final issue of Krazy this week. Krazy's merge into Whizzer and Chips announced
Cheeky Weekly Issue 27 22/04/1978 'Name Snail' competition results. Auntie Daisy appears across Cheeky's Week. Final episode of James Bold's adventure Tower of Terror.
Whizzer and Chips now including Krazy 22/04/1978 The Krazy Gang (including Cheeky) moves to the combined comic. Cheeky's solo Krazy strip doesn't move into Whizzer and Chips, since his own comic will continue.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 28 29/04/1978 James Bold's 4th adventure, The Frightened Village begins. Skateboard book competition. Sid the Street-Sweeper appears on multiple Cheeky's Week pages.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 29 06/05/1978 Debut of Snoozin' Susan. Final Cheeky's Week artwork by 'Unknown Cheeky Artist 1'.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 30 13/05/1978 Star Wars gag on cover. Manhole Man, Baker's Boy, Goalie Cat, Constable Chuckle and Snail appear in the Skateboard Squad strip. Final appearance of Parachutist.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 31 20/05/1978 Doctor Braincell appears throughout Cheeky's Week. Pongo Snodgrass intrudes upon 6 Million Dollar Gran.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 32 27/05/1978 Crunching Chris features across Cheeky's Week. 'Draw Hid Kid' competition.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 33 03/06/1978 Six-Gun Sam and Goalie Cat appear throughout Cheeky's Week. Final Road Runner strip.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 34 10/06/1978 Gloomy Glad features across Cheeky's Week. Final appearance of Home Movie, the first stage of a minor revamp which occured during summer 1978.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 35 17/06/1978 Competition to win skateboard sets. Mechanic appears throughout Cheeky's Week. Final appearance by Oscar. Final Bam, Splat and Blooie.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 36 24/06/1978 Gyro-Tennis competition. Snoozin' Susan sleeps through Cheeky's Week. Cheeky, Spiv, Libby, Louise, Jogging Jeremy, Six-Gun Sam, Bump-Bump Bernie and Burpo appear in Skateboard Squad. 'Suddenly' ends. Space Family Robinson ends. Final episode of James Bold adventure, The Frightened Village. First of two Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? reprints. Final appearance of Newsagent and Telephone Pole Man. On Tuesday Petula and Sherlock are searching for a lost elephant.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 37 01/07/1978 4-week mini comics promotion commences, with Cheeky Weekly hosting a condensed version of Whizzer and Chips. Petula and Sherlock appear across Cheeky's Week, continuing their search, which began in the previous issue, for a missing elephant. James Bold's new story, Island of Fear, begins and is presented as a cinema serial. Calculator Kid begins
Mickey Mouse
01/07/1978 Contains Cheeky Weekly mini comic
Cheeky Weekly Issue 38 08/07/1978 Contains Buster mini comic. Paddywack begins. Storyline involving Teacher runs throughout Cheeky's Week. Disco Kid and Farmer Giles make their debuts. First ad for the 1978 Cheeky Summer Special appears.
Whoopee! 08/07/1978 Contains Cheeky Weekly mini comic
Cheeky Summer Special 1978 07/1978 First Cheeky Special
Cheeky Weekly Issue 39 15/07/1978 Contains Whoopee! mini comic. Flash Harry appears through Cheeky's Week. Tom Paterson draws Creepy Sleepy Tale (the only occasion on which he will do so). Baby Burpo guests in Calculator Kid. Debut of Crystal Belle.
Buster and Monster Fun
15/07/1978 Contains Cheeky Weekly mini comic
Cheeky Weekly Issue 40 22/07/1978 Contains Mickey Mouse mini comic (final week of mini comics promotion). 5 Papers competition. Cheeky tries to score against Goalie Cat all week.
Whizzer and Chips
22/07/1978 Contains Cheeky Weekly mini comic
Cheeky Weekly Issue 41 29/07/1978 Krazy Town kids begin their summer holidays. Teacher appears on multiple Cheeky's Week pages. A sleepwalker is in evidence around Krazy Town. First appearance of time-travelling phone box. Teacher's final comment on Saturday presages next issue's events.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 42 05/08/1978 Teacher, undergoing mental issues, appears throughout Cheeky's Week. Results of Draw Hid Kid competition. Final episode of final  James Bold adventure.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 43 12/08/1978 Canal barge holiday issue. Archie's Angels reprints begin. Gloomy Glad's mum makes her only Cheeky Weekly appearance. Page 31 contains a teaser for next week's issue.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 44 19/08/1978 Cheeky's Week is set in 2038 as the toothy funster is given a glimpse of his life 60 years into the future.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 45 26/08/1978 A learner driver causes chaos in Krazy Town during Cheeky's Week. Teacher's Teasers begins. Final Creepy Sleepy Tale, Wednesday Conclusion and Old Comic.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 46 02/09/1978 First part of Crack-A-Joke game. Kids of Krazy Town go back to school. Debut of Silly Snaps feature. First appearance of Cheeky's pal Ding-Dong Debbie. Paddywack makes his sole Cheeky's Week appearance.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 47 09/09/1978 Smurf-themed issue, including Smurfs competition. Debut of Cheeky's pal Square Eyes. Popularity poll - readers are invited to list their 10 favourite characters from the Cheeky's Week cast, as well as the features they most enjoy. The changes introduced as of the 09 December 1978 issue probably resulted from the responses.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 48 16/09/1978 First price increase - from 8 to 9p. Marx Toys competition. Disco Kid appears throughout Cheeky's Week. First ad for Cheeky Annual 1979 appears in Cheeky Weekly. Final episode of Archie's Angels.
Cheeky Annual 1979 09/1978 First Cheeky Annual
Cheeky Weekly Issue 49 23/09/1978 Final part of Crack-A-Joke game. Crystal Belle appears throughout Cheeky's Week. Sonny Storm reprint from Cor!! makes its single appearance. What a Cheek, the Sunday Evening element of Cheeky's Week and Teacher's Teasers come to an end. Burpo's Cousins make their final appearance. Willie Brushiton's debut. Ad announces that the full Mystery Comic will appear next week.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 50 30/09/1978 Revamp issue. Full Mystery Comic appears for the first time. Commencement of title panel and What Did YOU Do Today? diary section on each Cheeky's Week page. Tub, Why, Dad,Why?, Elephant on the Run, Mystery Boy and Disaster Des begin. First Cheeky's Pal Puzzle. Final Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? reprint from Cor!! Policy of featuring pure Frank McDiarmid Cheeky's Week art in every other issue, and a single artist (or collaboration) providing the art on alternate weeks, commences.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 51 07/10/1978 Laugh and Learn begins. Jogging Jeremy guests in Skateboard Squad. The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure, reprinted from Shiver and Shake, begins (this was the final adventure strip to commence in Cheeky Weekly, although Mystery Boy outlasted Taggart and was thus the final adventure strip to feature in the comic)..
Cheeky Weekly Issue 52 14/10/1978 This issue completes Cheeky Weekly's first year of publication. Ghouldilocks reprint from Jag appears for a single time.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 53 21/10/1978 First birthday issue featuring Presto the Magic Rabbit throughout Cheek's Week, and the one-off Hey Presto! Magic Show feature.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 54 28/10/1978 In her strip, 6 Million Dollar Gran meets Uncle Hamish (not Cheeky's uncle of the same name). Snail and Farmer Giles guest in Skateboard Squad.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 55 04/11/1978 Commissionaire takes to the sky to avoid being trampled. This week's Calculator Kid subsequently reprinted in Spanish title Zipi y Zape.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 56 11/11/1978 7 Blunders of the World storyline runs through Cheeky's Week.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 57 18/11/1978 Jokes relating to music run through Cheeky's Week, and Calculator Kid has a music-related adventure. Readers are asked to vote for their favourite celebrity - the 10 most popular will appear on a poster in future issues.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 58 25/11/1978 6 Million Dollar Gran and Disaster Des have musical-instrument-related adventures, both of which would have been suited to the previous week's music-based issue.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 59 02/12/1978 Page count is reduced from the usual 32 to 28, one of which is essentially blank. Corgi 'Saint' competition. Final Cheeky's Pal Puzzle. Final Saturday morning cinema sequence, including Interval and Tweety and Sylvester. Final Cheeky's Week appearance of Commissionaire, although he will be the subject of the Pin-Up Pal poster in the 17 March 1979 issue. End of The Terrible Trail To Taggart's Treasure.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 60 09/12/1978 Page count is reduced from the usual 32 to 28. Smurfs competition. Final Laugh and Learn. Friends of Cheeky Chit-Chat and The Burpo Special begin. Chit-Chat letters page was probably introduced in response to the poll of reader opinion in the 09 September 1978 issue. Lily Pop is revealed to be the most popular of Cheeky's pals.

16/12/1978 Cheeky Weekly not published due to industrial dispute.

23/12/1978 Cheeky Weekly not published due to industrial dispute.

30/12/1978 Cheeky Weekly's Christmas issue not published due to industrial dispute, although most if not all the material prepared for this and the previous issue was eventually published.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 61 06/01/1979 Standby issue prepared in readiness for the eventual resumption of publication. Eagle Eye reprints begin. Final appearance of the time-travelling phone box.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 62 13/01/1979 New Year issue deferred from the previous week. New Year party at Cheeky's house. Friends of Cheeky Snap Game begins. Cheeky, Louise and Sid the Street-Sweeper guest in Skateboard Squad.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 63 20/01/1979 The kids of Krazy Town enjoy week of snow. A number of the non-Cheeky's Week strips also feature snowy tales.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 64 27/01/1979 Tub and Elephant on the Run are involved in snowy escapades, which would have suited last week's snow-themed issue.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 65 03/02/1979 The pages of this issue are larger than usual, although the printed area is the normal size. Posh Claude's dad makes his first appearance.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 66 10/02/1979 An image from this week's Tub episode was used on the cover of Cheeky Weekly dated 27 January 1979.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 67 17/02/1979 Reg Parlett's final Mustapha Million artwork. I suspect this week's Elephant on the Run and Skateboard Squad strips were originally intended for the lost Christmas 1978 issue and have been altered to remove festive references. Tease Break begins.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 68 24/02/1979 Final instalment of Eagle Eye. Cameo appearances by Coopers Henry and Tommy, as well as Ken Dodd, Bruce Forsyth and The Two Ronnies.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 69 03/03/1979 Menace of the Alpha Man reprints begin. Constable Chuckle appears in Skateboard Squad.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 70 10/03/1979 Cheeky's Week...Sunday strip expands to fill cover. I have a convoluted theory about the intended publication date of this week's Calculator Kid story - follow link to left. Tub and Elephant on the Run both have encounters with cement mixers.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 71 17/03/1979 A copy of Cheeky (Weekly) is seen in this week's 6 Million Dollar Gran episode. Final appearance of Newsvendor. Pin-Up Pal poster of the cinema commissionaire, whose final Cheeky's Week appearance was in the 02 December 1978 edition.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 72 24/03/1979 First appearance of Mustapha Million's pet hippo, Frisky.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 73 31/03/1979 The Jersey issue - across Cheeky's Week Granny Gumdrop knits facsimiles of Cheeky's trademark jumper for all his pals. A pattern for the toothy funster's distinctive jersey is printed in this issue, so readers with the skills, or access to a willing person who has them, can sport their own replica knitwear. In the 19 May 1979 issue it was revealed the pattern contained a misprint. The 1979 Star Guest cross-comic promotion begins. Final Pin-Up Pal poster.
Whizzer and Chips
31/03/1979 Calculator Kid appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 74 07/04/1979 First part of the Top Ten poster. Several stories have an an April Fool theme. Some changes appear to have been made to several of the Cheeky's Week pages, possibly due to the inclusion of the Star Guest feature and the first poster instalment..
Whoopee! 07/04/1979 The Burpo Special appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 75 14/04/1979 Disaster Des has an early Easter-related adventure. Skateboard Squad are absent, but appear in this week's Whizzer and Chips. More artwork alteration.
Whizzer and Chips 14/04/1979 Skateboard Squad appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 76 21/04/1979 Cheeky cracks Easter Egg gags on Sunday. Altered artwork is in evidence again. The 'Grand Easter Issue' of the Mystery Comic. Disaster Des is absent (explaining his early Easter escapade last week), although he appears in this week's Whoopee!
Whoopee! 21/04/1979 Disaster Des appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 77 28/04/1979 Hid Kid 'appears' across Cheeky's Week. Changes to artwork are apparent again. Chit-Chat page contains cryptic reference to some 'new things' in the offing. Final part of Top Ten poster.
Whizzer and Chips 28/04/1979 Cheeky appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 78 05/05/1979 An issue of Cheeky Weekly is seen in this week's Tub strip. Cousin Ahmed appears in Mustapha Million's story.
Whoopee! 05/05/1979 Why, Dad, Why? appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 79 12/05/1979 First appearance of Cheeky's pal Zoot Soot. Final episode of Skateboard Squad. 'Auntie Daisy's party' storyline runs through Cheeky's Week.
Whizzer and Chips 12/05/1979 Why, Dad, Why? appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 80 19/05/1979 Free gift - Kellogg's Two Shakes. First part of the Cheeky Spotter Book of Town and Around. Elephant on the Run is absent, but appears in this week's Whoopee! as a Star Guest. Note about misprint in Jersey pattern printed in the 31 March edition. Jimmy Hansen's first artwork on Cheeky's Week.
Whoopee! 19/05/1979 Elephant on the Run appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 81 26/05/1979 Speed Squad begins. Final appearance of Cheeky's pal Ding-Dong Debbie.
Whizzer and Chips 26/05/1979 Mustapha Million appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 82 02/06/1979 This week's Mystery Comic is, at only 6 pages, the smallest of its run. The forthcoming disco issue is mentioned on the Chit-Chat page.
Whoopee! 02/06/1979 Cheeky appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 83 09/06/1979 Manhole Man's choice of Sunday reading is revealed. Final part of the Cheeky Spotter Book of Town and Around.
Whizzer and Chips
09/06/1979 Disaster Des appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 84 16/06/1979 Disco Issue with Cheeky Hustle instructions. What's New, Kids returns after 4 months' absence. Burpo is himself the subject of this week's Burpo Special.
Whoopee! 16/06/1979 Cheeky appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 85 23/06/1979 First ad for the 1979 Cheeky Summer Special appears in Cheeky Weekly.
Whizzer and Chips 23/06/1979 Calculator Kid appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Summer Special 1979 06/1979 Second Cheeky Special
Cheeky Weekly Issue 86 30/06/1979 Final issue to feature the Mystery Comic as a grouping of strips in the centre of Cheeky Weekly. Final episode of Menace of the Alpha Man. Cheeky's Week...Sunday cover strip and The Burpo Special come to an end. Final appearances of the What Did YOU Do Today? diary sections at the foot of the Cheeky's Week pages. Next week's new look issue is trailed.
Whoopee! 30/06/1979 Mustapha Million appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 87 07/07/1979 The 'New Look' issue. The Gang (reprints of the Double Deckers strip from Whizzer and Chips) begins. Stage School begins. All the strips hitherto confined within the Mystery Comic survive the revamp. The final remaining framing devices relating to the non-Cheeky's Week strips are dropped (except for a further 6 Million Dollar Gran episode next week).
Whizzer and Chips 07/07/1979 Cheeky appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 88 14/07/1979 First appearance of Cheeky's pal Taff the Laff. 6 Million Dollar Gran is presented as a TV show for the final time. Final appearance of Nosy Nora. First episode of Snail of the Century.
Whoopee! 14/07/1979 Cheeky appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 89
21/07/1979 Price increases to 10p. First appearance of Cheeky's pal from beyond the grave, Spook. Final appearances of Burpo's mum and dad, and Scruffbag the school cat.
Whizzer and Chips 21/07/1979 The Gang appear as Star Guest (in the comic in which they originally appeared as the Double Deckers).
Cheeky Weekly Issue 90 28/07/1979 Final week of the 1979 Star Guest promotion. First appearance of Cheeky's pal Mr Chips.
Whoopee! 28/07/1979 Mustapha Million appears as Star Guest
Cheeky Weekly Issue 91 04/08/1979 Appearance of a readers' poll coupon, soliciting readers' favourites among Cheeky's pals, and their favourite features. IPC management probably intended to use the results to determine which features would survive the impending merge of Cheeky Weekly into Whoopee!
Cheeky Weekly Issue 92 11/08/1979 There's evidence of alteration to the 6 Million Dollar Gran artwork, probably to remove a 'Cheeky watching TV' final panel, since the framing devices have now been ended. Cheeky is suffering from a cold on Saturday.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 93 18/08/1979 Part one of the Giant Cheeky Poster. There's evidence of alteration to the 6 Million Dollar Gran artwork, probably to remove a 'Cheeky watching TV' final panel, since the framing devices have now been ended.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 94 25/08/1979 Giant Cheeky Poster part two.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 95 01/09/1979 Cheeky is seen on a Saturday paper round. Final appearance of Posh Claude's mum. Third part of the Giant Cheeky Poster.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 96 08/09/1979 James Bond Moonraker competition. Final part of the Giant Cheeky Poster.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 97 15/09/1979 First appearance of Cheeky's pals Reg (later Rex) Press and Mr Mutton.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 98 22/09/1979 First ad for Cheeky Annual 1980 appears in Cheeky Weekly.
Cheeky Annual 1980 09/1979 Second Cheeky Annual
Cheeky Weekly Issue 99 29/09/1979 First appearance of Cheeky's pal Rex Press (but see issue 97).
Cheeky Weekly Issue 100 06/10/1979 100th issue (not acknowledged in comic). Cheeky and some of the comic's other stars appear in 6 Million Dollar Gran.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 101 13/10/1979 Final issue of Cheeky Weekly's second year. 6 Million Dollar Gran reduced to a single page for the first time. Final episode of Mystery Boy, the last adventure feature to appear in the comic. Cheeky's Week appearance by Tom Baker as Doctor Who.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 102 20/10/1979 Second birthday issue (not acknowledged in comic). Jimmy Hansen's sole cover artwork, and this week's issue contain's Jimmy's final work on Cheeky's Week. Final Silly Snaps.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 103 27/10/1979 Debut of Cheeky's pal Ah Sew, who was the final addition to the Cheeky Weekly cast of characters who had supporting roles on the Cheeky pages.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 104 03/11/1979 Final cover appearance of Bubblegum Boy. Final Cheeky's Week artwork by Dick Millington. Final appearance of Posh Claude's dad.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 105 10/11/1979 Bob Hill's sole work on Cheeky's Week.
BBC 1 14/11/1979 Cheeky Weekly dated 28 April 1979 seen in that night's episode of TV drama Shoestring
Cheeky Weekly Issue 106 17/11/1979 First appearance of Cheeky's Cut-Out Comedy Catalogue. Final appearance of What's New, Kids. Soggy the Seamonster reprints begin.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 107 24/11/1979 Stage School's Teacher reveals he has showbiz skills.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 108 01/12/1979 Final cover appearance of Gunga Jim.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 109 08/12/1979 Return of the Goalie Cat, previously seen in the comic dated 25 August 1979.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 110 15/12/1979 Rex Press has a cameo in Speed Squad.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 111 22/12/1979 This pre-Christmas issue includes material originally prepared for publication last year, including Cheeky distributing Christmas cards throughout the week.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 112 29/12/1979 Second and final Christmas issue, including material originally prepared for publication last year. Final appearances of Crunching Chris, Flash Harry, Libby, Snoozin' Susan and Spiv.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 113 05/01/1980 Chit-Chat page stops soliciting readers' letters - a sign of the approaching merge. Cheeky's cryptic reference on the Chit-Chat page of 'exciting things to come' also foreshadows the impending cancellation of Cheeky Weekly. Final Cheeky Weekly appearances of Sid the Street-Sweeper, Herman, Goalie Cat, Gunga Jim, and Willie Brushiton. Gran meets cousin Hamish (not to be confused with the Uncle Hamish she met in the 28 October 1978 issue).
Cheeky Weekly Issue 114 12/01/1980 Final Cheeky Weekly appearances of Milkie, Cheeky's mum and Hypno-Tessa.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 115 19/01/1980 A snowy week in Krazy Town. A note by Frank McDiarmid reveals he enjoys drawing snow. Final Cheeky Weekly appearances of Petula, Postie, Sherlock, Square-Eyes, Walter Wurx and Zoot Soot.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 116 26/01/1980 On the Chit-Chat page, Cheeky mentions an upcoming 'exciting event'. Final Cheeky Weekly appearances of Ah Sew, Dan-Dan the Lavender Man, Hid Kid (final non-appearance in his case), Mechanic, Ursula and Messrs Chips, Haddock and Mutton. Final Paddywack page of the Cheeky Weekly era.
Cheeky Weekly Issue 117 02/02/1980 Final issue of Cheeky Weekly. Merge into Whoopee! announced. Sadly, the comic failed to complete its third year.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 09/02/1980 First combined issue of Whoopee! and Cheeky. Cheeky, Mustapha Million, $6,000,000 Gran, Calculator Kid, Stage School and Paddywack are featured in a 16-page ‘Cheeky Comic’ in the centre pages.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 16/02/1980 Cheeky’s new strip ‘What a Cheek’ begins, joining his ‘It’s Cheeky' strip which began last week. Interloper C**p intrudes upon the Cheeky Section for the first time.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 08/03/1980 Final ‘It’s Cheeky’ strip
Whoopee! and Cheeky 15/03/1980 Cheeky’s movie spoofs (the replacement for ‘It’s Cheeky') begin.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 05/04/1980 'Cheeky Comic Inside’ promoted on front cover.
Cheeky Holiday Special 1980
04/1980 Third Cheeky Special
Whoopee! and Cheeky 12/04/1980 'Cheeky’s Easter’ replaces movie spoof this week only.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 06/09/1980 First ad for Cheeky Annual 1981
Cheeky Annual 1981
09/1980 Third Cheeky Annual
Whoopee! and Cheeky 04/10/1980 Final ‘What a Cheek’ and ‘Movie Masterpiece’ this week.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 11/10/1980 'Cheeky’ strip (first run) commences.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 14/02/1981 Cheeky valentine cards appear in addition to the ‘Cheeky’ strip.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 28/02/1981 Cheeky makes cameo appearance in Sweeny Toddler.
Whoopee! and Cheeky 27/06/1981 Includes ad for Cheeky Summer Special 1981
Cheeky Summer Special 1981
06/1981 Fourth Cheeky Special
Whoopee! and Cheeky 25/07/1981 Final issue to be referred to as Whoopee! and Cheeky.
Whoopee! 01/08/1981 Title reverts to Whoopee!
Whoopee! 29/08/1981 Includes first ad for Cheeky Annual 1982
Cheeky Annual 1982
08/1981 Fourth Cheeky Annual
Whoopee! 05/09/1981 Final ‘Cheeky’ strip of the first run.
Whoopee! 12/09/1981 Cheeky’s feature reduced to 2 pages a week from 4. ‘Cheeky’s Week’ Cheeky’s Pal’, ‘Tee-Hee TV News’ and ‘Cheeky’s Snail’ strips begin.
Whoopee! 10/07/1982 Includes ad for Cheeky Summer Special 1982
Cheeky Summer Special 1982
07/1982 Fifth and final Cheeky Special
Whoopee! 28/08/1982 Includes ad for Cheeky Annual 1983
Cheeky Annual 1983
08/1982 Fifth Cheeky Annual
Whoopee! Annual 1983
09/1982 Charlie and Calc have a cameo in the Toy Boy's Journey to the Toy Factory game
Whoopee and Wow! 02/07/1983 Wow! merges into Whoopee!, but all the characters who had previously transferred into Whoopee! from Cheeky Weekly survive the absorption of new features.
Cheeky Annual 1984
08/1983 Sixth Cheeky Annual
Cheeky Annual 1985
09/1984 Seventh and final Cheeky Annual
Whoopee and Wow! 23/02/1985 Krazy and Cheeky are among the comics used to paper Gran’s wall in Gran’s Gang
Whoopee 30/03/1985 Final issue of Whoopee. Merge with Whizzer and Chips is announced. The Cheeky strip fails to transfer into the newly combined comic.
Whizzer and Chips now including Whoopee
06/04/1985 First combined issue. Mustapha Million and Calculator Kid are among the strips to transfer in to the newly combined title, as is Stage School which appears in only two issues. Cheeky continues to appear as a member of The Krazy Gang.
Whizzer and Chips now including Whoopee 20/04/1985 Stage School makes the first of its two Whizzer and Chips appearances as one of the rotating strips in the School Rounds feature.
Whizzer and Chips now including Whoopee 13/07/1985 Stage School makes its second and final Whizzer and Chips appearance as one of the rotating strips in the School Rounds feature.
Whoopee Annual 1986
Snail and Cheeky appear in 2 new strips. Sir and Jo-Jo from Stage School appear in It's Puzzle Time
Whizzer and Chips 08/02/1986 Final episode of The Krazy Gang, bringing to an end the toothy funster's nine and a half year run of regular appearances.
Whoopee Holiday Special
05/04/1986 Includes reprint episodes of Mustapha Million, Stage School, Paddywack and Calculator Kid
The Beano
24/05/1986 Frank McDiarmid draws his final Roger The Dodger strip, bringing to an end his 10+ year run illustrating the character.
Whoopee Annual 1987
01/09/1986 Contains new episodes of Stage School, Gran's Gang and Mustapha Million
Whoopee Holiday Special
01/04/1987 Contains 2 new episodes of Mustapha Million plus reprinted episodes of Calculator Kid, Robot Granny, Stage School and Paddywack
Whizzer and Chips 24/10/1987 18th Birthday issue. Frank McDiarmid begins drawing Mustapha Million
Whizzer and Chips 05/12/1987 Mustapha Million reprinted from Cheeky Weekly 08 July 1978
Whizzer and Chips 19/01/1988 Reader requests return of old Chips characters and accompanying pic shows Calculator Kid being dusted down by Shiner, drawn by Jack Oliver
Whoopee Holiday Special 04/1988 Includes Mustapha Million (1 new strip and 2 reprints), 2 reprints each of Robot Granny and Stage School, and 1 Calculator Kid reprint. Mustapha and Gran are also featured in the 'Who's a card, then?' quiz.
Whoopee Holiday Special 06/1989 Includes Movie Masterpiece Starring Cheeky, 2 Mustapha Million episodes, Robot Granny, Stage School and Calculator Kid (all reprints).
Whoopee Holiday Special 04/1990 Includes a Quick Strips page featuring Paddywack and Cheeky, together with a Gran's Gang story (all reprints), plus a new Mustapha Million episode.
Whoopee Holiday Special 23/03/1991 Includes a new Mustapha Million story plus reprints of Gran's Gang, Stage School and (from a Quick Strips page) Paddywack and Cheeky.
Whoopee Annual 1992
Includes reprints of $6,000,000 Gran, Mustapha Million (2 stories) and Stage School.
Whoopee Holiday Special 04/1992 A new appearance of Cheeky in the second of 2 new Mustapha Million strips drawn by Frank McDiarmid. Cheeky also features in a 4-page reprint, and there's a Robot Granny reprint.
http://cheekyweekly.blogspot.com 26/06/2010 Cheeky Weekly Blog begins
Comic Scene issue 2 09/2018 Includes reminiscences of Cheeky Weekly written by Pete Doree http://cheekyweekly.blogspot.com/2018/09/comic-scene-gets-cheeky.html
FANSCENE issue 2 12/2018 Cheeky features on cover, but no Cheeky article inside
The Cor!! Buster Humour Special
17/04/2019 Cheeky returns as one of the characters in a new strip entitled Who's In Charge? written by John Freeman and drawn by Lew Stringer.
Infinity magazine Issue 22 10/2019 Includes feature on Krazy written by Mark Campbell
Infinity magazine Issue 27 06/2020 Includes feature on Cheeky Weekly written by Mark Campbell, and letter from Steve Matthews on Cheeky’s evolution from Krazy to his own comic and beyond
Cor!! Buster Bumper Fun Book
24/11/2020 Cheeky is among the characters in the Who's in Charge? strip (which originally appeared in The Cor!! Buster Humour Special published in April 2019), included among the strips in this collection of material from the first 2 Cor!! Buster Specials.