Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Monday, 25 July 2011

Cheeky Weekly cover date 08 July 1978

We're now into the second week of the mini comics promotion (a Cheeky Weekly mini comic is appearing in this week's Whoopee!), and the cover leads with the news of a Buster replica inside, emphasised by yet another appearance of the 'standard Cheeky face'.  Barrie Appleby does the honours on the What a Cheek strip featuring Cheeky, Snail and anonymous stooge.

This week's storyline running throughout Cheeky's Week sees Cheeky trying to avoid Teacher, as toothy funster owes podgy pedagogue 500 lines.  There is also a running joke featuring Magnus Pyke, imparting facts about the life cycle of the haggis.  Pyke was at the time a presenter on the TV show Don't Ask Me, where he would answer viewers' questions on science topics, playing up to the image of the dotty professor and gesticulating wildly.  His eccentric manner made him a popular TV personality.

6 Million Dollar Gran's story is reduced to 2 pages, and contains a rare instance of Gran acknowledging that she is not human, as she comments "I've not been oiled this week".

Cheeky has a crafty read of the Buster mini comic in class on Monday.

Returning to the comic for the first time since 14 January 1978, Doodle Doug shows Cheeky his new comic strip, Paddywack.

On page 15 there's exciting news for Cheeky fans - the first Cheeky Summer Special is out now.

Unlike last week when it was blue and white, Creepy Sleepy Tale is in black and white this issue.  The story tells how Medusa turns Johnny Rotten, The Rolling Stones and The Bee Gees to stone.  Some would say not before time, and I'd certainly agree with regard to one of the groups involved.

Like Gran, Mustapha Million suffers a reduction in page count due to the presence of the mini comic, and has a single-page adventure with art by Joe McCaffrey.

3 characters make their Cheeky's Week debuts this issue; Charlie Counter (aka Calculator Kid), Disco Kid and Farmer Giles.  The Calculator Kid feature had of course made its first appearance last week, but Charlie makes the first of his crossovers into Cheeky's Week in this week's comic.

Last week's issue featured an almost all-pure-Frank-McDiarmid Cheeky's Week, but in this issue the cover portrait of Cheeky is the only pure Frank art.  Frank McDiarmid pencils deliver 10 Cheeky's Week elements, with Barrie Appleby giving us his What a Cheek and Wednesday conclusion.

Cheeky Weekly Cover Date: 08-Jul-1978, Issue 38 of 117
1Cover Feature 'Buster mini comic' - Art Frank McDiarmid\What a Cheek - Art Barrie Appleby (first art on feature)
2Sunday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
3Skateboard Squad - Art Jimmy Hansen
4Sunday evening - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
56 Million Dollar Gran - Art Ian Knox
66 Million Dollar Gran - Art Ian Knox
7Monday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
8Ad: Horror Bags (single appearance)
9Buster mini comic (single appearance) 'All this and Leopard Boy too!' - Art Mike Western (single art on feature) 'Buster's Diary' - Art Angel Nadal (single art on feature)
10Buster mini comic (single appearance) 'Stan Still's Stopwatch' - Art Reg Parlett (single art on feature) 'Kid Kong' - Art Rob Lee (single art on feature)
11Buster mini comic (single appearance) 'X-Ray Specs' - Art Mike Lacey (single art on feature) 'Kid Gloves' - Art Rob Lee (single art on feature)
12Buster mini comic (single appearance) 'Tin Teacher' - Art Peter Davidson (single art on feature) 'Faceache' - Art Ken Reid (single art on feature)
13Tuesday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
14Paddywack (first appearance) - Art Jack Clayton (first art on feature)
15Ad: IPC 'Cheeky Summer Special' 1 of 6
16Wednesday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
17Creepy Sleepy Tale - Art Keith Reynolds
18Creepy Sleepy Tale - Art Keith Reynolds\Wednesday (conclusion) - Art Barrie Appleby
19Ad: Gold Spinner (first appearance)
20Thursday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
21Mustapha Million - Art Joe McCaffrey
22Ad: Peter Pan Playthings (first appearance)
23Friday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
24Calculator Kid - Art Terry Bave
25Ad: Texan bars (final appearance)
26Saturday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
27Tweety and Sylvester 'Getting Cagey'
28Tweety and Sylvester 'Getting Cagey'
29Interval - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
30James Bold 'Island of Fear' 2 of 6 - Art Mike White
31James Bold 'Island of Fear' 2 of 6 - Art Mike White
32Saturday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils\Ad: IPC 'Whizzer and Chips Holiday Special' 3 of 3

Cheeky's Week Artists Cover Date 08-Jul-1978

Frank McDiarmid pencils10
Barrie Appleby2

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