Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Monday 4 July 2011

The pages - page 9

As we've seen in this post, page 9 saw a total of 54 instances of churn, so let's delve in and have a look at them.

As we move in this series of pages posts further towards the centre of the comic, we find that the disruption to what would become the usual page order, caused by Cheeky's welcome message in the first 2 issues, has less effect than in the lower page numbers.  Thus, 6 Million Dollar Gran appears on page 9 in the first issue, and remains in that location in the following 9 issues.  Of these 10 appearances, page 9 carries the first page of Gran's story on 4 occasions, and the remaining 6 page 9s contain the second page.

Page 9 in the 31 December 1977 issue contains the Christmas Day element of Cheeky's Week, and the following week Monday is on page 9.

Steel-nerved ghost-hunter James Bold then moves into page 9 for the second to the ninth (and final) instalment of his second adventure, The Ghost Highwayman.  Page 9 contained the first page of his 2-page adventure in all but one issue of this run.

Monday then returned to page 9 for one week, as Bold was absent from the comic, but the investigator of the supernatural was back on page 9 in the 18 March 1978 comic, which featured the first episode of his new adventure, Tower of Terror.  After the second episode of this adventure the following week, there was a break in Bold's hold on page 9, as Bold was ousted by the Easter Monday feature.  Bold was absent from page 9 again the following week, displaced by the Monday feature.  However, Bold resumed occupation of page 9 in the 15 April 1978 issue, and in the following issue page 9 hosted the first page of the final instalment of Tower of Terror.

Monday was then back on page 9 for a week, before the resilient Bold returned to page 9 with the second instalment of his new tale, The Frightened Village.  The 13 May 1978 comic saw Bold pushed off page 9 by Monday again, but he was back in the following 2 issues.

Monday re-established its hold on page 9 from the issue dated 03 June 1978 to 17 June 1978, after which Bold reappeared on page 9 with the first page of the final instalment of the adventure entitled The Frightened Village, in the 24 June 1978 comic.

A mini comic promotion swung into action in July 1978, so page 9 of the first 4 July-cover-dated issues published in that month contained pages from the mini versions of Whizzer and Chips, Buster, Whoopee! and Mickey Mouse.

The comic dated 29 July 1978 saw Monday back on page 9, while the following issue featured a half-page What's New, Kids, coupled with an ad for Bassett's sweets, who were running a Paddington Bear promotion, in which sweet wrappers could be exchanged for free books featuring the furry, Peruvian marmalade-sandwich enthusiast.

Ads appeared again on page 9 in the following 2 issues, the first in colour and advertising Bubbly bubblegum, by means of some gum-related tongue-twisters, and the second containing a competition run by Rowntree Mackintosh.  Readers were asked to study a drawing then, according to their age group, find 7 things beginning with B (for the 2 to 6 year-olds), 7 things beginning with B and 7 things beginning with S (ages 7 to 11), or 7 things beginning with each of the letters B, S and T (12 to 15).  There is £25000.00 worth of prizes, but every entrant gets a free I-Spy book (not the character from Sparky comic, but a book which sets the reader the task of ticking off various objects after having observed them).

Monday was then back for 2 weeks until the 09 September 1978 comic which featured on page 9 a poll in which readers could vote for their favourite and most-disliked characters from among Cheeky's pals, and also rank the non-Cheeky's Week features.

Another competition ran on page 9 the following week, giving readers the chance to win 'Chutes Away' toys manufactured (under licence, presumably) by Louis Marx.  Tell 'em what they could win, Dick.

Page 9 in the 23 September 1978 issue carried the final appearance of the short-lived filler feature, Teacher's Teasers, after which another filler, Silly Snaps moved in for a week.

The period of instability on page 9 continued the following week as the first appearance of the 'edutainment' feature Laugh and Learn occupied page 9.  Two weeks of Tuesday on page 9 followed, but an ad for Trebor Chews moved into page 9 in the issue dated 28 October 1978, after which Laugh and Learn was back for a week.

Tuesday then returned for 2 weeks, but in the 25 November 1978 issue an ad for retailer John Menzies sought to tempt Christmas shoppers with savings on a selection of boxed games including Operation and Ker-Plunk, but sadly for Dick Van Dyke, no Chutes Away was in evidence.

In a surprise move, the Skateboard Squad made a successful bid to occupy page 9 in the issue dated 02 December 1978, but this proved to be their only foray onto that page, and the following week Tub staked his claim to page 9, the first of his 2 appearances in that location.

Tuesday then returned to page 9 for a 5-week run, until Calculator Kid pitched up on page 9 in the comic dated 10 February 1979, the only time Charlie Button and his number-crunching electronic chum graced page 9.

Tuesday was then back on page 9 for 2 weeks until a Tuesday variant, namely Shrove Tuesday, turned up in the 03 March 1979 issue.  'Normal' Tuesdays then resumed for a 4-week run until Paddywack found himself on page 9 in the 07 April 1979 issue, and for the following 3 weeks.  Paddywack then moved elsewhere, allowing another run of Tuesdays, this time for 9 weeks.  This run of Tuesdays ended on 30 June 1979, which was the last time Tuesday appeared on page 9.  Tuesday was feature that appeared most regularly on page 9, clocking up page 9 appearances in 24 issues.

New to page 9 was Joke-Box Jury, in the 07 July 1979 comic, and also the following week, after which The Gang shouldered their way onto page 9, where they remained for a further 5 weeks.  A road safety ad featuring the Green Cross Code Man turned up the following week, after which Joke-Box Jury moved back in, but only for half a page, sharing page 9 with instructions for assembly the Cheeky poster which had appeared in instalments over a period of 4 weeks.

The following week, and for the subsequent 4 issues, Joke-Box Jury regained control of page 9 after which, in the 20 October 1979 issue, Paddywack made his last page 9 appearance.  In the 27 October 1979 issue, page 9 was host to a half-page Cheeky Chit-Chat (letters page) and a half-page Tub strip.

Joke-Box Jury's final run on page 9 commenced on 03 November 1979 and ended the following week, after which instructions for assembling the Knock-Knock Jokes booklet included in that issue, shared page 9 with an ad for Jackpot comic, which had launched in May that year.

Tub then lumbered back onto page 9 for his final run of appearances there, which ended on 22 December 1979, after which mysterious Elephant On The Run made his single page 9 appearance.

The final strip to occupy page 9 was Stage School, running from 05 January 1980 to the final issue of Cheeky Weekly, dated 02 February 1980.

Count of Elements (or distinct combinations thereof) appearing on Page 9


James Bold 1/215
Joke-Box Jury6
The Gang 2/26
6 Million Dollar Gran 2/35
Stage School 2/25
6 Million Dollar Gran 1/34
Joke-Box Jury 2/22
Laugh and Learn 2/22
6 Million Dollar Gran 2/21
Advertisement: Bubbly1
Advertisement: Green Cross Code1
Advertisement: John Menzies1
Advertisement: Rowntree Mackintosh1
Advertisement: Trebor1
Booklet instructions\Advertisement: IPC1
Buster mini comic 1/4 1/41
Calculator Kid1
Chit-Chat 2/2\Tub1
Christmas Day1
Easter Monday1
Elephant On The Run1
James Bold 2/21
Joke-Box Jury 1/21
Joke-Box Jury\Poster instructions1
Marx Toys Competition 2/21
Mickey Mouse Mini Comic 1/41
Paddywack 2/21
Readers poll1
Shrove Tuesday1
Silly Snaps 2/21
Skateboard Squad1
Teacher's Teasers1
What's New, Kids\Advertisement: Bassett's1
Whizzer and Chips mini comic 1/4 1/41
Whoopee mini comic 1/4 1/41

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