Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
Cheeky Weekly ™ REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, COPYRIGHT ©  REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED was a British children's comic with cover dates spanning 22 October 1977 to 02 February 1980.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cheeky Weekly cover date 28 October 1978

Brett Mason and his young nephew and niece confront their terrifying spectral nemesis in this issue's main cover pic, as The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure is given a boost. The artwork used on the cover to promote the feature is based on a panel from the story inside. Meanwhile, Cheeky indulges in banter with Spiv and Manhole Man in the cover strip.

Nigel Edwards stands in for usual artist Ian Knox on the 6 Million Dollar Gran strip, for the second week running. This week Gran meets Uncle Hamish. No, not Cheeky's Uncle Hamish, this is Major Hamish McPotts from the Scots branch of the family. Gran replaces Hamish in the parade after she accidentally concusses him with the ceremonial baton.

Snail and Cheeky's pal Farmer Giles make guest appearances in this week's Skateboard Squad story.

Frank McDiarmid does some cracking work in this issue.
In this page, Margaret Thatcher (leader of the Conservatives)
makes reference to Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan.
The mighty Reg Parlett is back doing the artwork on Mustapha Million this week. Joe McCaffrey drew the strip in the last 3 issues.

On Friday, Flash Harry has an encounter with Scots actress Molly Weir.
At the time Molly was appearing in a series of TV advertisements for Flash floor cleaner

The Paddywack strip is reduced to a single row of panels this week, as it was in the last issue.  Those readers who fancy their skills on spot the difference competitions will eagerly scan the remainder of the page on which Paddywack's strip appears; it contains lists of winners of the Skateboard and Tennis competitions, which appeared in the 17 June 1978 and 24 June 1978 issues respectively. Of course, not a little luck is also required to secure one of the prizes on offer, as winners are selected from the correct entries, although entrants in the skateboard competition were also required to contribute an amusing caption for the spot the difference pic.

On Saturday, the cinema commissionaire wishes every week could be an anniversary issue like last week, when he didn't get trampled. In fact, he didn't appear at all in last week's issue. Could he be the person inside Presto's rabbit suit?

I like the Cheeky silhouette
and the way his teeth extend over the edge of the frame.
All the Cheeky's Week features this week are pure Frank McDiarmid art, and Frank's on top form.

Cheeky Weekly Cover Date: 28-Oct-1978, Issue 54 of 117
1Cover Feature 'The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure' - Art Eric Bradbury (first art on feature)\Cheeky's Week - Art Frank McDiarmid
2Sunday - Art Frank McDiarmid
36 Million Dollar Gran - Art Nigel Edwards
46 Million Dollar Gran - Art Nigel Edwards
56 Million Dollar Gran - Art Nigel Edwards
6Ad: IPC 'Cor Annual' 2 of 5 Ad: 'Look and Learn' 12 of 16
7Monday - Art Frank McDiarmid
8Joke-Box Jury
9Ad: Trebor 'Chews' 2 of 2
10Tuesday - Art Frank McDiarmid
11Skateboard Squad - Art Mike Lacey
12Wednesday - Art Frank McDiarmid
13Tub 'Mystery Comic' 5 of 34 - Art Nigel Edwards
14Mystery Boy reprint from Whizzer and Chips 'Mystery Comic' 5 of 37
15Ad: IPC 'Shiver and Shake Annual' 1 of 2 Ad: 'Whoopee Guy Fawkes mask' 1 of 3
16Elephant On The Run 'Mystery Comic' 5 of 34 - Art Robert Nixon
17Elephant On The Run 'Mystery Comic' 5 of 34 - Art Robert Nixon
18Mustapha Million 'Mystery Comic' 5 of 34 - Art Reg Parlett
19Mustapha Million 'Mystery Comic' 5 of 34 - Art Reg Parlett
20Disaster Des 'Mystery Comic' 5 of 30 - Art Mike Lacey
21Thursday - Art Frank McDiarmid
22Calculator Kid - Art Terry Bave
23Friday - Art Frank McDiarmid
24Ad: Pirelli (first appearance) 'Hanna-Barbera slippers' 1 of 2
25Paddywack - Art Jack Clayton\Winners of Skateboard and Tennis competitions (single appearance)
26Saturday - Art Frank McDiarmid
27Tweety and Sylvester 'Surprise Package'
28Tweety and Sylvester 'Surprise Package'
29Interval - Art Frank McDiarmid
30The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure reprint from Shiver and Shake - Art Eric Bradbury
31The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure reprint from Shiver and Shake - Art Eric Bradbury
32Saturday - Art Frank McDiarmid\Cheeky's Pal Puzzle 'Baby Burpo' 1 of 2 - Art Frank McDiarmid

Please note that Cheeky's Pal Puzzle, although shown above as a feature, was actually part of the Saturday feature, so is not counted as a separate Cheeky's Week element below.

Cheeky's Week Artists Cover Date 28-Oct-1978
Artist Elements
Frank McDiarmid10

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  1. You could be right well observed..that would make sense why he didn't get trampled on..Wow well done!!