Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
Cheeky Weekly ™ REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, COPYRIGHT ©  REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED was a British children's comic with cover dates spanning 22 October 1977 to 02 February 1980.

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Sunday 27 June 2010

Issues missing the features that appeared most regularly

Following on from the previous post, you may be wondering why, given that there were 117 issues of Cheeky Weekly, are there less than 117 issues featuring the Monday feature, and the other weekdays.

This table show the issues that are 'missing' the features with the highest number of appearances, and the reasons for their absence.

So for example where this table says that the Monday feature was 'missing' from the 01 April 1978 issue, the reason is that the page was actually titled Easter Monday, as it was in the 21 April 1979 issue, and that the Monday feature in the 31 December 1977 issue was titled Boxing Day. If we look up Monday in the table posted yesterday we see 114 issues had the Monday feature, which, with the 3 issues mentioned above, brings the total issues carrying Monday-related features to 117.

6 Million Dollar Gran02-Dec-78Victim of reduced page count due to industrial action
6 Million Dollar Gran09-Dec-78Victim of reduced page count due to industrial action
6 Million Dollar Gran19-Jan-80Bumped by Petula jokes booklet and 2-page Joke-Box Jury
Friday14-Apr-79Page titled Good Friday
Monday31-Dec-77Page titled Boxing Day
Monday01-Apr-78Page titled Easter Monday
Monday21-Apr-79Page titled Easter Monday
Mustapha Million27-Jan-79Bumped by Snap Game
Mustapha Million28-Apr-79Bumped by Top Ten Poster
Mustapha Million16-Jun-79Bumped by Cheeky Hustle
Saturday01-Apr-78Page titled Saturday - April Fool's Day
Saturday14-Apr-79Page titled Easter Saturday
Sunday31-Dec-77Page titled Christmas Morning
Sunday01-Apr-78Page titled Easter Sunday
Sunday03-Feb-79Page was untitled so in my data inherited the title from cover - Cheeky's Week
Thursday02-Dec-78Victim of reduced page count due to industrial action
Tuesday31-Dec-77"Cheeky slept right through Tuesday, pals!"
Tuesday04-Feb-78Bumped by ad from Misty No 1
Tuesday01-Apr-78Bumped by 2 pages devoted to April Fool's day
Tuesday29-Apr-78Umm, it just wasn't there
Tuesday01-Jul-78Bumped by Whizzer and Chips mini comic
Tuesday03-Mar-79Paged titled Shrove Tuesday
Wednesday02-Dec-78Victim of reduced page count due to industrial

Wednesday03-Mar-79Page titled Ash Wednesday

Saturday 26 June 2010

Features by number of appearances

This table shows each of the features that appeared in Cheeky Weekly, the number of issues they appeared in, and the dates of their first and final appearance.

Most recent update - 13 October 2017: I had previously named the feature in the 21 April 1979 issue which gave assembly details for the Top Ten poster as 'Poster instructions', whereas all the other 3 appearances of the same feature I had named 'Top Ten poster instructions'. Changed the name of the 21 April 1979 instance to match the others.

Update - 29 September 2017: I had previously individually named each of the joke booklets which commenced in Cheeky Weekly dated 17 November 1979. For example 'Farmer Giles booklet', 'Knock-Knock booklet' etc. I have now given them all the name Cheeky's Cut-Out Comedy Catalogue, since that's the name under which they appeared.

Update: 16 June 2015: links to relevant blog posts (where available) now inserted programmatically rather than being updated manually.

Update 24 May 2014: Added Cheeky Chuckles

6 Million Dollar Gran11422-Oct-197702-Feb-1980
Mustapha Million11422-Oct-197702-Feb-1980
Cover Feature10322-Oct-197702-Feb-1980
Joke-Box Jury9910-Dec-197702-Feb-1980
Calculator Kid7801-Jul-197802-Feb-1980
Skateboard Squad7622-Oct-197712-May-1979
Elephant On The Run6330-Sep-197802-Feb-1980
Disaster Des5830-Sep-197802-Feb-1980
What's New, Kids5822-Oct-197717-Nov-1979
Mystery Boy5230-Sep-197813-Oct-1979
Why, Dad, Why?5230-Sep-197802-Feb-1980
Sunday evening4822-Oct-197723-Sep-1978
Wednesday (conclusion)4422-Oct-197726-Aug-1978
Creepy Sleepy Tale4322-Oct-197726-Aug-1978
James Bold4122-Oct-197705-Aug-1978
What a Cheek4122-Oct-197723-Sep-1978
Pin-up pal3922-Oct-197731-Mar-1979
Old Comic3722-Oct-197726-Aug-1978
Cheeky's Week3630-Sep-197830-Jun-1979
Space Family Robinson3622-Oct-197724-Jun-1978
Speed Squad3226-May-197902-Feb-1980
Home Movie3122-Oct-197710-Jun-1978
The Gang3107-Jul-197902-Feb-1980
Tweety and Sylvester2821-Jan-197802-Dec-1978
Snail of the Century2714-Jul-197902-Feb-1980
Stage School2607-Jul-197902-Feb-1980
The Burpo Special2309-Dec-197830-Jun-1979
Menace of the Alpha Man1803-Mar-197930-Jun-1979
Star Guest1831-Mar-197928-Jul-1979
Silly Snaps1202-Sep-197820-Oct-1979
Soggy the Sea Monster1217-Nov-197902-Feb-1980
Cheeky's Cut-Out Comedy Catalogue1117-Nov-197926-Jan-1980
Cheeky's Pal Puzzle1030-Sep-197802-Dec-1978
Doug's Doodle1022-Oct-197714-Jan-1978
Bam Splat and Blooie929-Oct-197717-Jun-1978
Road Runner918-Feb-197803-Jun-1978
Tease Break917-Feb-197903-Nov-1979
The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure907-Oct-197802-Dec-1978
Eagle Eye806-Jan-197924-Feb-1979
Archie's Angels612-Aug-197816-Sep-1978
Cocky Doodle529-Oct-197704-Mar-1978
Laugh and Learn507-Oct-197809-Dec-1978
Wile E Coyote522-Oct-197707-Jan-1978
Cheeky Spotter Book of Town and Around419-May-197909-Jun-1979
Crack-A-Joke Game402-Sep-197823-Sep-1978
Daffy Duck424-Dec-197711-Mar-1978
Giant Cheeky Poster418-Aug-197908-Sep-1979
Skateboard booklet405-Nov-197726-Nov-1977
Snap Game413-Jan-197903-Feb-1979
The Cheeky Spotter Book of Fun407-Jan-197828-Jan-1978
Top Ten Poster407-Apr-197928-Apr-1979
Top Ten Poster instructions407-Apr-197928-Apr-1979
Henery Hawk326-Nov-197704-Feb-1978
Ringer Dinger306-Oct-197902-Feb-1980
Teacher's Teasers326-Aug-197823-Sep-1978
Your chance to vote327-Jan-197917-Feb-1979
Easter Monday201-Apr-197821-Apr-1979
New Year's Eve231-Dec-197707-Jan-1978
Smurfs competition209-Sep-197809-Dec-1978
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?224-Jun-197830-Sep-1978
4 Comics competition128-Jan-197828-Jan-1978
5 Papers Competition122-Jul-197822-Jul-1978
500 T-Shirt Winners111-Mar-197811-Mar-1978
6 Million Dollar Gran Spot the Difference119-Jan-198019-Jan-1980
Alpha Man competition results118-Aug-197918-Aug-1979
Ash Wednesday103-Mar-197903-Mar-1979
Basil Brush competition111-Mar-197811-Mar-1978
Basil Brush competition winners103-Jun-197803-Jun-1978
Big Four Saint Competition102-Dec-197802-Dec-1978
Booklet instructions117-Nov-197917-Nov-1979
Boxing Day131-Dec-197731-Dec-1977
Buster mini comic108-Jul-197808-Jul-1978
Cheeky Chuckles115-Dec-197915-Dec-1979
Cheeky Hustle116-Jun-197916-Jun-1979
Cheeky's Jersey Pattern131-Mar-197931-Mar-1979
Chimp on a skateboard photo104-Feb-197804-Feb-1978
Christmas Card129-Dec-197929-Dec-1979
Christmas Day131-Dec-197731-Dec-1977
Christmas Dinner131-Dec-197731-Dec-1977
Christmas Morning131-Dec-197731-Dec-1977
Christmas Quiz129-Dec-197929-Dec-1979
Chutes Away competition winners106-Jan-197906-Jan-1979
Creepy Pantomime131-Dec-197731-Dec-1977
Disaster Des spot the difference117-Mar-197917-Mar-1979
Draw Hid Kid winners105-Aug-197805-Aug-1978
Easter Saturday114-Apr-197914-Apr-1979
Easter Sunday101-Apr-197801-Apr-1978
Father's Day Messages117-Jun-197817-Jun-1978
Feature Omitted102-Dec-197802-Dec-1978
Friends of Cheeky competition126-Nov-197726-Nov-1977
Good Friday114-Apr-197914-Apr-1979
Goonburger Maze120-Jan-197920-Jan-1979
Hello again129-Oct-197729-Oct-1977
Hey Presto! Magic Show121-Oct-197821-Oct-1978
Hickory Dickory Doc116-Sep-197816-Sep-1978
Hid Kid what does he look like127-May-197827-May-1978
Hiya I'm Cheeky122-Oct-197722-Oct-1977
Hoi! What do you get up to all week?130-Sep-197830-Sep-1978
James Bond competition108-Sep-197908-Sep-1979
Jogging Jeremy's Weakly Exercise Routine119-Jan-198019-Jan-1980
Junior Jet Club Competition122-Dec-197922-Dec-1979
Kite Competition winners113-May-197813-May-1978
Marx Toys Competition116-Sep-197816-Sep-1978
Mickey Mouse Mini Comic122-Jul-197822-Jul-1978
More joke strips112-Nov-197712-Nov-1977
My favourite Cheeky pals (character/feature popularity poll)104-Aug-197904-Aug-1979
Name the Snail results122-Apr-197822-Apr-1978
Oi! What is My Name?111-Feb-197811-Feb-1978
Poster instructions108-Sep-197908-Sep-1979
Readers poll109-Sep-197809-Sep-1978
Saint competition results124-Mar-197924-Mar-1979
Saturday - April Fool's Day101-Apr-197801-Apr-1978
Send a Father's Day message129-Apr-197829-Apr-1978
Shrove Tuesday103-Mar-197903-Mar-1979
Skateboard Competition117-Jun-197817-Jun-1978
Skateboard Snap104-Feb-197804-Feb-1978
Skateboard competition129-Apr-197829-Apr-1978
Smurfs competition results124-Mar-197924-Mar-1979
Sonny Storm123-Sep-197823-Sep-1978
Spaghetti Junction maze127-Jan-197927-Jan-1979
Tennis Competition124-Jun-197824-Jun-1978
Train Track Maze103-Feb-197903-Feb-1979
Whizzer and Chips mini comic101-Jul-197801-Jul-1978
Who Is The Alpha Man?116-Jun-197916-Jun-1979
Who's your Super-Star?118-Nov-197818-Nov-1978
Whoopee mini comic115-Jul-197815-Jul-1978
Winners of Skateboard and Tennis competitions128-Oct-197828-Oct-1978

The flyer

This flyer appeared in IPC's Whizzer and Chips, and Buster and Monster Fun comics dated 15 October 1977 (and presumably in some of the other IPC titles of the same week).




















The issue of 2000AD cover dated 15 October 1977 carried a half-page ad for the toothy funster's comic. The copy played up the sci-fi/spooky elements of the new title to appeal to 2000AD's readership.

The teasers

In the 10 September 1977 issue of Krazy, an advertisement for a new comic appeared. However, the name of the comic was not revealed, readers had to answer clues to find two letters in the comic's name. This teaser campaign continued each week until the issue dated 15 October 1977, when the new comic's name was revealed as Cheeky Weekly.

Teaser from Krazy, 08 October 1977

Cheeky - the Krazy years

Cheeky Weekly was a little different to the traditional British humour/adventure comic because it was largely based around a single character, Cheeky, who we followed through a week of adventures each issue. There were other strips in the comic, but it's mainly remembered for Frank McDiarmid's freewheeling depiction of Cheeky and his pals, with plenty of comic asides, notes to the readers (including references to himself as the artist), and inventive page construction with panels leaning at giddy angles.

Maybe it was never intended that Frank would be the sole provider of art on the Cheeky pages. In fact, given the high number of pages featuring Cheeky each issue, it would seem unreasonable for the editors to expect one artist to generate all the Cheeky content every week. However, the general opinion seems to be that Cheeky was Frank's baby, and Frank was the only artist to sign the Cheeky features. For me, Frank certainly is the definitive artist for the nutty world of Cheeky and his friends.

Cheeky first appeared in another IPC comic, Krazy, where, on page 3 of the launch issue of that title dated 16 October 1976, Cheeky was drawn by Ian Knox. Gangs of various descriptions were a recurring theme in British comics, and Cheeky was depicted on this page as a member of Krazy's own gang, The Krazy Gang. The human members of said group of characters all bore a 'K' on their various upper garments.

However, on page 20 of the same issue, Cheeky appeared in his own strip, 'Ello, It's Cheeky (later retitled 'Ello, I'm Cheeky), drawn by Frank McDiarmid. The style of that strip was slightly more restrained than it would later appear, but the basic elements of Frank's Cheeky had already been established.

This is that first appearance of Frank's Cheeky...

...note how the toothy funster bears the K jumper even on his own pages.

We must assume that over the weeks, the feedback from Krazy readers was such that the publishers felt Cheeky could support his own comic.  The first hint that Cheeky was emerging as a star in his own right came when the K was dropped from the front of his jersey and replaced with a C in his own strip as from Krazy dated 20 August 1977 (and in The Krazy Gang from the following week).  This may also indicate that plans for his own title were afoot from this point.

Cheeky Weekly stats

Genre; British children's humour/adventure comic

Publisher; IPC

First issue; 22 October 1977

Final issue before merge with Whoopee!; 02 February 1980

Number of issues; 117

Weeks not published due to industrial action; 16 December 1978, 23 December 1978, 30 December 1978.

Pages per issue; 32 (except 02 December 1978 and 09 December 1978 which had 28 pages each due to industrial action)

Total pages; 3736