Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
Cheeky Weekly ™ REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, COPYRIGHT ©  REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED was a British children's comic with cover dates spanning 22 October 1977 to 02 February 1980.

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Monday 23 July 2012

Cheeky Weekly cover date 02 December 1978

If, as you lift this week's copy of Cheeky Weekly from the neat pile on the newsagents' counter, you feel something is not as it should be, you're quite right. The comic is light by 4 pages this week. This is not the first time that IPC's titles have been affected by the industrial unrest of the 1970s.

The cover gives no clue as to the untoward goings-on inside. The main feature promotes the Saint competition, running in 4 IPC humour titles this week. Cheeky seems to be so engrossed in Bernie's sorry tale in the Cheeky's Week…Sunday strip drawn by Mike Lacey, that he forgets to deliver the newspaper to Bernie's house.

The uncharacteristically silent Cheeky in the final panel of the main Sunday feature is presumably a symptom of the reduced page count. This is the location where Cheeky would normally tell us he's about to watch the latest episode of 6 Million Dollar Gran on TV but, as Gran is one of the features bumped from this truncated issue, it would appear the toothy funster's final Sunday speech balloon has been excised.

Although the comic has been reduced from 32 to 28 pages, there are in fact only 27 pages of content, because page 3 is the location of this stark message;

Skateboard Squad take a break from foiling robberies this week, and instead are on the trail of a rather large and unfriendly-looking snake which has absconded from the zoo.

Despite the reduced page count, The Mystery Comic is present this week, and retains the full 8 pages it has had since its inception in the 30 September 1978 issue. However, as one of those pages is devoted to The Big Four Saint competition, the Why, Dad, Why? feature is absent. The competition, which is also running in the current issues of Buster, Whizzer and Chips and Whoopee!, presents readers with 6 stick-men (drawn in the style of the famous logo from the two Saint TV series) engaged in various sporting activities. The challenge is to correctly identify each of the sports portrayed. The senders of the first 800 correct entries opened will win a Corgi model of the Saint's white Jaguar.

Return of The Saint, the second of the small-screen series to feature the adventures of Simon Templar, and starring Ian Ogilvy in the title role, began screening in the UK in September 1978.

Terry Bave makes a rare excursion into
political caricatures as he draws
a waxwork of Edward Heath,
Conservative Prime Minister 1970-1974,
also known for his toothy grin and yachting activities.
First panel, second row.


The issue rounds off with the last in the brief series of Cheeky's Pal Puzzles. This is the final issue to show Cheeky's Saturday morning cinema visit and as a consequence also concluding this week are Interval, The Terrible Trail To Taggart's Treasure and (at last!) Tweety and Sylvester who were the longest-running representatives of the supporting feature. Since the toothy funster will no longer be seen leading Saturday's cinema-bound stampede, the long-suffering Commissionaire bows out of Cheeky's Week this issue (he will however make one further appearance in the comic, as the subject of a future Pin-Up Pal poster). Fans of Ursula the Usherette need not be concerned; her hulking presence will continue to loom in the coming weeks.

The regular features dropped from this issue due to the reduction from 32 to 27 pages are; 6 Million Dollar Gran (normally 3 pages), Wednesday and Thursday. This means that readers who use the What did YOU do today? diary section at the foot of each Cheeky's Week page have nowhere to record their doings on 29 and 30 November. Despite the shortage of space, one page of the comic is devoted to IPC in-house ads for Soccer Monthly and the latest Shiver and Shake annual. In a rather sneaky, underhanded move, IPC chose not to include page numbers in the comic this week, and maintained the normal 9p cover price.

All 8 Cheeky's Week features this week are drawn by Mike Lacey, who also contributes his usual strip, Disaster Des.

Cheeky Weekly Cover Date: 02-Dec-1978, Issue 59 of 117
1Cover Feature 'Corgi Saint competition'\Cheeky's Week - Art Mike Lacey
2Sunday - Art Mike Lacey
3Feature Omitted (single appearance)
4Ad: IPC 'Soccer Monthly' 5 of 5 Ad: 'Shiver and Shake Annual' 2 of 2
5Monday - Art Mike Lacey
6Laugh and Learn - Art Brian Walker - Art Barrie Appleby
7Laugh and Learn - Art Brian Walker - Art Barrie Appleby
8Tuesday - Art Mike Lacey
9Skateboard Squad - Art Jimmy Hansen
10Tub 'Mystery Comic' 10 of 34 - Art Nigel Edwards
11Big Four Saint Competition (single appearance)
12Mustapha Million 'Mystery Comic' 10 of 34 - Art Reg Parlett
13Mustapha Million 'Mystery Comic' 10 of 34 - Art Reg Parlett
14Elephant On The Run 'Mystery Comic' 10 of 34 - Art Robert Nixon
15Elephant On The Run 'Mystery Comic' 10 of 34 - Art Robert Nixon
16Mystery Boy reprint from Whizzer and Chips 'Mystery Comic' 10 of 37 - Art John Richardson
17Disaster Des 'Mystery Comic' 9 of 30 - Art Mike Lacey
18Calculator Kid - Art Terry Bave
19Friday - Art Mike Lacey
20Paddywack - Art Jack Clayton
21Ad: Trebor 'Double Agents Super Spy Gun Promotion' 2 of 2
22Saturday - Art Mike Lacey
23Tweety and Sylvester (final appearance) 'Ivan the Terrible'
24Tweety and Sylvester (final appearance) 'Ivan the Terrible'
25Interval (final appearance) - Art Mike Lacey (final art on feature)
26The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure (final appearance) reprint from Shiver and Shake - Art Eric Bradbury (final art on feature)
27The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure (final appearance) reprint from Shiver and Shake - Art Eric Bradbury (final art on feature)
28Saturday - Art Mike Lacey\Cheeky's Pal Puzzle (final appearance) 'Baby Burpo' 2 of 2 - Art Mike Lacey (final art on feature)

Cheeky's Week Artists Cover Date 02-Dec-1978
Artist Elements
Mike Lacey8

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Cheeky Weekly Artist Index

This index shows all the artists who drew for Cheeky Weekly*. For each artist, the issues in which they contributed work are shown, as well as the elements they provided within those issues. Please note that if an element occurred on more than one page in an issue (for example a 3-page 6 Million Dollar Gran story), it is only shown once in the element list for that issue, unless multiple elements comprising a feature within a single issue do not appear on consecutive pages (for example where two Saturday pages are separated by an Interval).

*This is a work in progress, so not all the artist information is currently available. I expect to update this index periodically until it is as complete as I can make it.

Most recent update 25 October 2020 - Artwork Credit on 'Free Badge, Skateboard booklet part 1' announcement on the cover of the 05 November 1977 issue reassigned from Mike Lacey to Jimmy Hansen (I missed this item when doing a major update of artwork credits in 2016).

Update 15 September 2020 - Artwork Credit on 'Great News for Skateboarders!' announcement on the cover of the 29 April 1978 issue reassigned from Mike Lacey to Jimmy Hansen (I missed this item when doing a major update of artwork credits in 2016).

Update 06 September 2020 - Artwork credit on 'Skateboard Issue' cover feature and Skateboard Snap game in the 04 February 1978 issue reassigned from Mike Lacey to Jimmy Hansen (I missed this item when doing a major update of artwork credits in 2016).

Update 06 September 2020 - Artwork credit on 'Skateboard Issue' cover feature and Skateboard Snap game in the 04 February 1978 issue reassigned from Mike Lacey to Jimmy Hansen (I missed this item when doing a major update of artwork credits in 2016).

Update 03 September 2020 - Artwork credit on 'Skateboarders! Super News' announcement on the cover of 28 January 1978 issue reassigned from Mike Lacey to Jimmy Hansen (I missed this item when doing a major update of artwork credits in 2016).
Update 14 July 2019 - fixed the table column widths which at some point since I last updated this post had gone seriously awry - apologies for not checking this before.

Update 29 November 2018 - when I applied the updates on 22 November I forgot to assign John Richardson as the artist for the two Mystery Boy Cover Features - now done.

22 November 2018 - Thanks to Lew Stringer's post I have been able to assign John Richardson as the Mystery Boy artist.

Update 19 November 2018 - Assigned artist Keith Reynolds to Cover Features promoting Creepy Sleepy Tale on the front pages of the 18 February and 03 June 1978 issues.

Update -23 October 2018: Assigned artist Keith Reynolds to 34 episodes of Creepy Sleepy Tale and the Creepy Pantomime variant.

Update 04 October 2017: Realised that when I reassigned art credits from Mike Lacy to Jimmy Hansen, I forgot to include the Cheeky Hustle booklet. Correction now applied.

Update 28 August 2017 - Reassigned artwork credit on Mustapha Million 17 November 1979 from Joe McCaffrey to Colin Whittock.

Update 08 June 2017 - Changed 'Spot the Difference' (19 January 1980, drawn by Ian Knox - a panel reprinted from Gran's 17 March 1979 adventure) to '6 Million Dollar Gran Spot the Difference'.

Update 27 June 2016 - Reassigned artwork credit on front cover of 15 September 1979 issue from Frank McDiarmid to Frank McDiarmid pencils.

Update 19 June 2016 - reassigned art credit on 128 Cheeky Weekly elements from Mike Lacey to Jimmy Hansen. 2 episodes of Speed Squad that previously had no artist attribution have been credited to Colin Whittock.

Update 04 February 2016 - reassigned art credit on two Snail of the Century episodes to Barrie Appleby.

Update 13 July 2015 - added anchor tags to html code, allowing me to link to specific artists in the table from elsewhere within the blog.

16 June 2015 - added links to relevant blog posts where available.

Update 10 March 2015 - added Robert MacGillivray, artist on The Gang

Update 24 May 2014 - I had previously omitted Mike Lacey's 'Cheeky Chuckles' which appeared in the 15 December 1979 issue.

Update 15 July 2013 - added John Richardson, the first artist on Space Family Robinson

Update 27 June 2013 - added Colin Whittock

Artist Issue Elements
Angel Nadal08-Jul-1978Buster mini comic: Buster's Diary
Artie Jackson17-Dec-1977Doug's Doodle
Artie Jackson14-Jan-1978Doug's Doodle
Artie Jackson01-Jul-1978Whizzer and Chips mini comic: Paws
Artie Jackson15-Jul-1978Whoopee mini comic: Claws
Barrie Appleby11-Mar-1978Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Barrie Appleby25-Mar-1978Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Barrie Appleby08-Apr-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday
Barrie Appleby22-Apr-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Barrie Appleby06-May-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Barrie Appleby20-May-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby27-May-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby03-Jun-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby10-Jun-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby17-Jun-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby24-Jun-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday
Barrie Appleby01-Jul-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby08-Jul-1978What a Cheek/Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby15-Jul-1978What a Cheek
Barrie Appleby22-Jul-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Barrie Appleby12-Aug-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby19-Aug-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby26-Aug-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Barrie Appleby07-Oct-1978Laugh and Learn
Barrie Appleby21-Oct-1978Laugh and Learn
Barrie Appleby04-Nov-1978Laugh and Learn
Barrie Appleby02-Dec-1978Laugh and Learn
Barrie Appleby09-Dec-1978Laugh and Learn
Barrie Appleby10-Feb-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Barrie Appleby10-Mar-1979The Burpo Special: Constable Chuckle
Barrie Appleby31-Mar-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Barrie Appleby28-Apr-1979Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Barrie Appleby26-May-1979Cheeky's Week
Barrie Appleby13-Oct-1979Snail of the Century
Barrie Appleby20-Oct-1979Snail of the Century
Barrie Appleby10-Nov-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Barrie Appleby17-Nov-1979Cover Feature: Gunga Jim
Barry Glennard16-Jun-1979Star Guest: Sheerluck and Son
Barry Glennard14-Jul-1979Star Guest: Lolly Pop
Barry Glennard28-Jul-1979Star Guest: Bookworm
Barry Glennard11-Aug-1979Elephant On The Run
Barry Glennard13-Oct-1979Stage School
Barry Glennard27-Oct-1979Stage School
Barry Glennard02-Feb-1980Stage School
Bob Hill12-May-1979Star Guest: Super Store
Bob Hill10-Nov-1979Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Brian Bolland21-Apr-1979Palitoy: Star Wars competition
Brian Bolland27-Oct-1979Palitoy: Star Wars Collection
Brian Walker07-Oct-1978Laugh and Learn
Brian Walker21-Oct-1978Laugh and Learn
Brian Walker04-Nov-1978Laugh and Learn
Brian Walker02-Dec-1978Laugh and Learn
Brian Walker09-Dec-1978Laugh and Learn
Colin Whittock09-Jun-1979Star Guest: Lazy Bones
Colin Whittock10-Nov-1979Speed Squad
Colin Whittock17-Nov-1979Mustapha Million
Colin Whittock01-Dec-1979Speed Squad
Cut and Paste19-Nov-1977Saturday
Cut and Paste10-Dec-1977Saturday
Cut and Paste17-Dec-1977Saturday
Cut and Paste07-Jan-1978Cover Feature: Spotter Book of Fun
Cut and Paste28-Jan-1978Suddenly
Cut and Paste04-Feb-1978Saturday
Cut and Paste17-Jun-1978Cover Feature: 6 Skateboard sets to be won
Dick Millington17-Dec-1977Friday
Dick Millington24-Dec-1977What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Saturday/Interval
Dick Millington27-May-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Dick Millington01-Jul-1978Whizzer and Chips mini comic: Sweet Tooth
Dick Millington26-May-1979Star Guest: Happy Families
Dick Millington23-Jun-1979Cheeky's Week
Dick Millington30-Jun-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Dick Millington28-Jul-1979Cover Feature: Dr Braincell/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Dick Millington03-Nov-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Dicky Howett30-Jun-1979Star Guest: Supermum
Ed McHenry01-Jul-1978Whizzer and Chips mini comic: 12 1/2p Buytonic Boy
Ed McHenry15-Jul-1978Whoopee mini comic: Bumpkin Billionaires
Ed McHenry26-Aug-1978Teacher's Teasers
Ed McHenry02-Sep-1978Teacher's Teasers
Ed McHenry23-Sep-1978Teacher's Teasers
Eric Bradbury07-Oct-1978The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury14-Oct-1978The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury21-Oct-1978The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury28-Oct-1978Cover Feature: The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure/The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury04-Nov-1978The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury11-Nov-1978The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury18-Nov-1978The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury25-Nov-1978The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury02-Dec-1978The Terrible Trail to Taggart's Treasure
Eric Bradbury03-Mar-1979Cover Feature: Menace of the Alpha Man/Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury10-Mar-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury17-Mar-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury24-Mar-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury31-Mar-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury07-Apr-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury14-Apr-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury21-Apr-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury28-Apr-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury05-May-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury12-May-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury19-May-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury26-May-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury02-Jun-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury09-Jun-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury16-Jun-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury23-Jun-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Eric Bradbury30-Jun-1979Menace of the Alpha Man
Frank McDiarmid22-Oct-1977Cover Feature: Free gift inside: Red Jet Rattler/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Pin-up pal: Cheeky/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid29-Oct-1977Cover Feature: Super gift for you - Fun Wallet/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid05-Nov-1977What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid12-Nov-1977Wednesday (conclusion)/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid19-Nov-1977What a Cheek/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid26-Nov-1977Cover Feature: Cheeky T-Shirt Competition/Tuesday
Frank McDiarmid03-Dec-1977Cover Feature: Diary part 1/What a Cheek/Sunday
Frank McDiarmid10-Dec-1977Cover Feature: Creepy Sleepy Tale/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Friday
Frank McDiarmid17-Dec-1977Thursday/Saturday/Interval
Frank McDiarmid24-Dec-1977Saturday
Frank McDiarmid31-Dec-1977Cover Feature: Christmas Issue/Christmas Morning/Christmas Dinner/Christmas Day/Boxing Day/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/New Year's Eve
Frank McDiarmid14-Jan-1978Cover Feature: Lily and Ursula
Frank McDiarmid21-Jan-1978What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid28-Jan-1978Cover Feature: Kite Competition/Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid04-Feb-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval
Frank McDiarmid11-Feb-1978Cover Feature: Joke-Box Jury
Frank McDiarmid18-Feb-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Pin-up pal: Lily Pop
Frank McDiarmid25-Feb-1978Wednesday (conclusion)/Friday/Interval/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Jogging Jeremy
Frank McDiarmid04-Mar-1978Cover Feature: Ursula/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid11-Mar-1978Pin-up pal: The Vicar
Frank McDiarmid18-Mar-1978Cover Feature: Old Comic/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Pin-up pal: Baby Burpo
Frank McDiarmid25-Mar-1978Cover Feature: Auntie Daisy/Wednesday (conclusion)/Pin-up pal: Buster the Busker
Frank McDiarmid01-Apr-1978Cover Feature: Manhole Man/What a Cheek/Easter Sunday/Sunday evening/Easter Monday/Suddenly/Pin-up pal: Auntie Daisy
Frank McDiarmid08-Apr-1978Cover Feature: Granny Gumdrop/What a Cheek/Pin-up pal: Sid the Street Sweeper
Frank McDiarmid15-Apr-1978Cover Feature: Six-Gun Sam/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Louise
Frank McDiarmid22-Apr-1978Cover Feature: Name Snail results/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Pin-up pal: Constable Chuckle
Frank McDiarmid29-Apr-1978What a Cheek/Monday/Pin-up pal: Ursula
Frank McDiarmid06-May-1978Cover Feature: Petula/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday
Frank McDiarmid13-May-1978Cover Feature: Constable Chuckle/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Pin-up pal: Six-Gun Sam
Frank McDiarmid20-May-1978Cover Feature: Posh Claude/What a Cheek/Pin-up pal: Granny Gumdrop
Frank McDiarmid27-May-1978Cover Feature: What does Hid Kid look like?/What a Cheek/Pin-up pal: Posh Claude
Frank McDiarmid10-Jun-1978Cover Feature: Gloomy Glad/What a Cheek/Pin-up pal: Do-Good Dora
Frank McDiarmid17-Jun-1978Pin-up pal: Yikky-Boo
Frank McDiarmid24-Jun-1978Cover Feature: 30 Gyro-Tennis sets to be won/What a Cheek/Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid01-Jul-1978Cover Feature: Whizzer and Chips mini comic/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid08-Jul-1978Cover Feature: Buster mini comic
Frank McDiarmid15-Jul-1978Cover Feature: Whoopee! mini comic
Frank McDiarmid22-Jul-1978What a Cheek
Frank McDiarmid29-Jul-1978What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Bump-Bump Bernie
Frank McDiarmid05-Aug-1978Cover Feature: Calculator Kid/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Libby
Frank McDiarmid12-Aug-1978Cover Feature: Crystal Belle/What a Cheek/Pin-up pal: Teacher
Frank McDiarmid19-Aug-1978Cover Feature: Who's this?/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Herman
Frank McDiarmid26-Aug-1978Cover Feature: Farmer Giles/What a Cheek/Pin-up pal: Petula
Frank McDiarmid02-Sep-1978What a Cheek
Frank McDiarmid09-Sep-1978Cover Feature: Win money with Joke-Box Jury/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid16-Sep-1978Cover Feature: Marx Toys competition and Cut-Out Game part 3/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Pin-up pal: Calculator Kid/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Disco Kid
Frank McDiarmid23-Sep-1978Cover Feature: Bump-Bump Bernie/What a Cheek/Pin-up pal: Snoozin' Susan
Frank McDiarmid30-Sep-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Herman
Frank McDiarmid14-Oct-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Granny Gumdrop
Frank McDiarmid28-Oct-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Baby Burpo
Frank McDiarmid11-Nov-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Sid the Street Sweeper
Frank McDiarmid25-Nov-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Ursula
Frank McDiarmid09-Dec-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/The Burpo Special: Lily Pop/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Flash Harry
Frank McDiarmid06-Jan-1979The Burpo Special: Yikky-Boo
Frank McDiarmid13-Jan-1979Cover Feature: Friends of Cheeky Snap Game/Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/The Burpo Special: Dr Braincell/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Crunching Chris
Frank McDiarmid20-Jan-1979Cover Feature: Friends of Cheeky Snap Game/Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/The Burpo Special: Cheeky's Dad/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid03-Feb-1979Cover Feature: Win £2 plus Cheeky Badge/Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Frank McDiarmid10-Feb-1979The Burpo Special: Auntie Daisy/Pin-up pal: Baker's Boy
Frank McDiarmid17-Feb-1979Cover Feature: Joke-Box Jury/Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/The Burpo Special: Gloomy Glad/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Square Eyes
Frank McDiarmid24-Feb-1979Pin-up pal: Dr Braincell
Frank McDiarmid03-Mar-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Shrove Tuesday/Ash Wednesday/The Burpo Special: Posh Claude/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Dan-Dan The Lavender Man
Frank McDiarmid10-Mar-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid17-Mar-1979The Burpo Special: Square Eyes/Pin-up pal: The Commissionaire
Frank McDiarmid24-Mar-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Pin-up pal: Uncle Hamish
Frank McDiarmid31-Mar-1979Cover Feature: Cheeky's Jersey/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid07-Apr-1979Cover Feature: Poster part 1/Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/The Burpo Special: Spiv
Frank McDiarmid14-Apr-1979Cheeky's Week/The Burpo Special: Farmer Giles
Frank McDiarmid21-Apr-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Easter Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/The Burpo Special: Ursula
Frank McDiarmid28-Apr-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Frank McDiarmid05-May-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid12-May-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Frank McDiarmid19-May-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/The Burpo Special: Doodle Doug
Frank McDiarmid26-May-1979The Burpo Special: Manhole Man
Frank McDiarmid02-Jun-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid09-Jun-1979Cheeky's Week
Frank McDiarmid16-Jun-1979The Burpo Special: Baby Burpo
Frank McDiarmid23-Jun-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/The Burpo Special: Crystal Belle
Frank McDiarmid30-Jun-1979Cheeky's Week
Frank McDiarmid07-Jul-1979Cover Feature: Manhole Man/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid14-Jul-1979Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid21-Jul-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid28-Jul-1979Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid04-Aug-1979Cover Feature: Mechanic/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid11-Aug-1979Cover Feature: Gunga Jim/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid18-Aug-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid25-Aug-1979Cover Feature: Yikky-Boo/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid01-Sep-1979Cover Feature: Gunga Jim/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid08-Sep-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid15-Sep-1979Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid22-Sep-1979Cover Feature: Manhole Man
Frank McDiarmid29-Sep-1979Cover Feature: Gunga Jim/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid06-Oct-1979Cover Feature: Jogging Jeremy and Manhole Man/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid13-Oct-1979Cover Feature: Dr Braincell/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid27-Oct-1979Cover Feature: Manhole Man/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid03-Nov-1979Cover Feature: Manhole Man/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid10-Nov-1979Cover Feature: Uncle Hamish
Frank McDiarmid17-Nov-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid24-Nov-1979Cover Feature: Spook/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid01-Dec-1979Cover Feature: Gunga Jim/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid08-Dec-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid15-Dec-1979Cover Feature: Dr Braincell/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid22-Dec-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid29-Dec-1979Cover Feature: Christmas Issue/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Christmas Card/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid05-Jan-1980Cover Feature: Happy Leap Year/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid12-Jan-1980Cover Feature: Taff the Laff/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid19-Jan-1980Cover Feature: Petula/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid26-Jan-1980Cover Feature: Tarzan of the Apes/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Snail of the Century
Frank McDiarmid02-Feb-1980Cover Feature: What's Going On?/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Snail of the Century/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils12-Nov-1977What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval
Frank McDiarmid pencils19-Nov-1977Sunday evening/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval
Frank McDiarmid pencils26-Nov-1977What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils03-Dec-1977Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils10-Dec-1977What a Cheek/Sunday/Thursday/Saturday/Interval
Frank McDiarmid pencils17-Dec-1977Cover Feature: Libby/What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid pencils24-Dec-1977Cover Feature: Jogging Jeremy/Friday
Frank McDiarmid pencils07-Jan-1978New Year's Eve/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval
Frank McDiarmid pencils21-Jan-1978Thursday/Friday/Interval
Frank McDiarmid pencils28-Jan-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday
Frank McDiarmid pencils11-Feb-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid pencils18-Feb-1978What a Cheek/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils25-Feb-1978What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils11-Mar-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid pencils18-Mar-1978Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils25-Mar-1978What a Cheek/Interval
Frank McDiarmid pencils01-Apr-1978Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday - April Fool's Day
Frank McDiarmid pencils08-Apr-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid pencils15-Apr-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval
Frank McDiarmid pencils22-Apr-1978What a Cheek
Frank McDiarmid pencils29-Apr-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Suddenly/Wednesday
Frank McDiarmid pencils13-May-1978Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils03-Jun-1978What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
Frank McDiarmid pencils24-Jun-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils01-Jul-1978What a Cheek
Frank McDiarmid pencils08-Jul-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils15-Jul-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid pencils29-Jul-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Frank McDiarmid pencils12-Aug-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils02-Sep-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils23-Sep-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils21-Oct-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Hey Presto! Magic Show/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Presto
Frank McDiarmid pencils18-Nov-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Disco Kid
Frank McDiarmid pencils06-Jan-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils14-Apr-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Good Friday/Easter Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils26-May-1979Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils09-Jun-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils21-Jul-1979Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils18-Aug-1979Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Frank McDiarmid pencils25-Aug-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday
Frank McDiarmid pencils15-Sep-1979Cover Feature: Cheeky's Dad
Frank McDiarmid pencils22-Sep-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday
Ian Knox22-Oct-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox29-Oct-19776 Million Dollar Gran/Pin-up pal: 6 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox05-Nov-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox12-Nov-1977Cover Feature: 6 Million Dollar Gran/6 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox19-Nov-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox26-Nov-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox03-Dec-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox10-Dec-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox17-Dec-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox24-Dec-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox31-Dec-19776 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox07-Jan-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox14-Jan-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox21-Jan-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox28-Jan-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox04-Feb-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox11-Feb-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox18-Feb-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox25-Feb-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox04-Mar-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox11-Mar-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox18-Mar-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox01-Apr-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox08-Apr-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox15-Apr-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox22-Apr-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox29-Apr-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox06-May-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox13-May-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox20-May-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox27-May-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox03-Jun-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox10-Jun-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox17-Jun-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox08-Jul-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox15-Jul-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox29-Jul-1978Cover Feature: 6 Million Dollar Gran/6 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox05-Aug-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox12-Aug-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox19-Aug-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox26-Aug-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox02-Sep-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox09-Sep-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox16-Sep-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox23-Sep-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox30-Sep-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox07-Oct-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox14-Oct-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox04-Nov-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox11-Nov-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox18-Nov-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox25-Nov-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox20-Jan-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox27-Jan-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox03-Feb-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox10-Feb-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox17-Feb-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox24-Feb-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox03-Mar-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox10-Mar-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox17-Mar-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox24-Mar-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox07-Apr-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox14-Apr-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox21-Apr-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox05-May-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox12-May-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox19-May-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox26-May-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox09-Jun-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox16-Jun-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox23-Jun-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox30-Jun-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox07-Jul-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox21-Jul-1979Cover Feature: 6 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox28-Jul-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox04-Aug-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox11-Aug-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox18-Aug-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox25-Aug-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox01-Sep-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox15-Sep-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox22-Sep-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox29-Sep-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox03-Nov-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox10-Nov-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox17-Nov-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox24-Nov-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox08-Dec-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox15-Dec-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox22-Dec-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox29-Dec-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox05-Jan-19806 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox12-Jan-19806 Million Dollar Gran
Ian Knox19-Jan-19806 Million Dollar Gran Spot the Difference
Ian Knox26-Jan-19806 Million Dollar Gran
Jack Clayton22-Oct-1977Home Movie: Hambush at Deadmanz Gulch
Jack Clayton29-Oct-1977Home Movie: Airship Over England
Jack Clayton05-Nov-1977Home Movie: The Mummy's Curse
Jack Clayton12-Nov-1977Home Movie: Mac of the Mounties
Jack Clayton19-Nov-1977Home Movie: Colditch. The Great Escape
Jack Clayton26-Nov-1977Home Movie: The Vikings
Jack Clayton03-Dec-1977Home Movie: The Boy from Atlantis
Jack Clayton10-Dec-1977Home Movie: When Knights Were Bold
Jack Clayton17-Dec-1977Home Movie: Tarzan of the Apes
Jack Clayton24-Dec-1977Home Movie: Top Hat and Tails
Jack Clayton31-Dec-1977Home Movie: Xmas Past
Jack Clayton14-Jan-1978Home Movie: Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
Jack Clayton21-Jan-1978Home Movie: Dr. Zuzz
Jack Clayton28-Jan-1978Home Movie: Franky Stein
Jack Clayton04-Feb-1978Home Movie: El Bullfighter
Jack Clayton11-Feb-1978Home Movie: The Case of the Missing Lollipop
Jack Clayton18-Feb-1978Home Movie: Rock Around the Block
Jack Clayton25-Feb-1978Home Movie: Defeat of the Spanish Armada
Jack Clayton11-Mar-1978Home Movie: The Mystery of Loch Ness
Jack Clayton18-Mar-1978Home Movie: 2001 A Space Oddity
Jack Clayton25-Mar-1978Home Movie: The Thing from Another Planet
Jack Clayton01-Apr-1978Home Movie: The Trojan Horsebox
Jack Clayton08-Apr-1978Home Movie: A Bridge To Fear
Jack Clayton15-Apr-1978Home Movie: Treasure Island
Jack Clayton22-Apr-1978Home Movie: Mary Popkins
Jack Clayton06-May-1978Home Movie: Z Carties
Jack Clayton13-May-1978Home Movie: Moby Dick
Jack Clayton20-May-1978Home Movie: The Scarlet Pimple
Jack Clayton27-May-1978Home Movie: Dick Twerpin
Jack Clayton03-Jun-1978Home Movie: Australian Adventure
Jack Clayton10-Jun-1978Home Movie: Robinson Crusoe
Jack Clayton08-Jul-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton15-Jul-1978Whoopee mini comic: Supermum/Paddywack
Jack Clayton22-Jul-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton29-Jul-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton05-Aug-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton12-Aug-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton19-Aug-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton26-Aug-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton02-Sep-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton09-Sep-1978Cover Feature: Win money with Paddywack/Paddywack
Jack Clayton16-Sep-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton23-Sep-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton30-Sep-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton07-Oct-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton14-Oct-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton21-Oct-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton28-Oct-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton04-Nov-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton11-Nov-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton18-Nov-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton25-Nov-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton02-Dec-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton09-Dec-1978Paddywack
Jack Clayton06-Jan-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton13-Jan-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton20-Jan-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton27-Jan-1979Paddywack/Pin-up pal: Paddywack
Jack Clayton03-Feb-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton10-Feb-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton17-Feb-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton24-Feb-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton03-Mar-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton10-Mar-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton17-Mar-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton24-Mar-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton31-Mar-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton07-Apr-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton14-Apr-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton21-Apr-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton28-Apr-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton05-May-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton12-May-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton19-May-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton26-May-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton02-Jun-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton09-Jun-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton16-Jun-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton23-Jun-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton30-Jun-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton07-Jul-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton14-Jul-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton21-Jul-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton28-Jul-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton04-Aug-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton11-Aug-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton18-Aug-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton25-Aug-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton08-Sep-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton15-Sep-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton22-Sep-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton29-Sep-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton06-Oct-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton13-Oct-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton20-Oct-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton27-Oct-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton03-Nov-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton10-Nov-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton17-Nov-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton24-Nov-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton01-Dec-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton15-Dec-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton22-Dec-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton29-Dec-1979Paddywack
Jack Clayton05-Jan-1980Paddywack
Jack Clayton12-Jan-1980Paddywack
Jack Clayton19-Jan-1980Paddywack
Jack Clayton26-Jan-1980Paddywack
Jim Petrie03-Dec-1977Diary
Jim Petrie10-Dec-1977Diary
Jim Petrie17-Dec-1977Diary
Jim Petrie24-Dec-1977Diary
Jim Petrie07-Jan-1978Cover Feature: Spotter Book of Fun/The Cheeky Spotter Book of Fun
Jim Petrie14-Jan-1978The Cheeky Spotter Book of Fun
Jim Petrie21-Jan-1978The Cheeky Spotter Book of Fun
Jim Petrie28-Jan-1978The Cheeky Spotter Book of Fun
Jim Watson11-Feb-1978Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
Jim Watson01-Apr-1978Interval/Saturday - April Fool's Day
Jim Watson08-Apr-1978Interval/Saturday
Jim Watson29-Apr-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Jim Watson20-May-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Jim Watson03-Jun-1978Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Jim Watson10-Jun-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Jim Watson16-Sep-1978Hickory Dickory Doc
Jimmy Hansen22-Oct-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen29-Oct-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen05-Nov-1977Cover Feature: Free Badge, Skateboard booklet part 1/Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen12-Nov-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen19-Nov-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen26-Nov-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen03-Dec-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen10-Dec-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen17-Dec-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen24-Dec-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen31-Dec-1977Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen07-Jan-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen14-Jan-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen21-Jan-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen28-Jan-1978Cover Feature: Skateboarders! Super News/Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen04-Feb-1978Cover Feature: Skateboard Issue/Skateboard Squad/Skateboard Snap
Jimmy Hansen11-Feb-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen18-Feb-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen25-Feb-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen04-Mar-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen11-Mar-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen18-Mar-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen25-Mar-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen01-Apr-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen08-Apr-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen15-Apr-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen22-Apr-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen29-Apr-1978Cover Feature: Great news for skateboarders/Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen06-May-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen13-May-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen20-May-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen27-May-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen03-Jun-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen10-Jun-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen17-Jun-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen24-Jun-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen01-Jul-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen08-Jul-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen15-Jul-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen22-Jul-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen29-Jul-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen05-Aug-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen12-Aug-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen19-Aug-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen26-Aug-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen02-Sep-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen09-Sep-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen16-Sep-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen23-Sep-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen30-Sep-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen07-Oct-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen14-Oct-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen21-Oct-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen28-Oct-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen04-Nov-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen11-Nov-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen18-Nov-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen25-Nov-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen02-Dec-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen09-Dec-1978Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen06-Jan-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen13-Jan-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen20-Jan-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen27-Jan-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen03-Feb-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen10-Feb-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen17-Feb-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen24-Feb-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen03-Mar-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen10-Mar-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen17-Mar-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen31-Mar-1979Skateboard Squad/Pin-up pal: Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen07-Apr-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen21-Apr-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen05-May-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen12-May-1979Skateboard Squad
Jimmy Hansen19-May-1979Thursday
Jimmy Hansen26-May-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Speed Squad/Wednesday
Jimmy Hansen02-Jun-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen16-Jun-1979Cheeky Hustle/Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen23-Jun-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen07-Jul-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen21-Jul-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen04-Aug-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen11-Aug-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen18-Aug-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen25-Aug-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen01-Sep-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen08-Sep-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen15-Sep-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen22-Sep-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen29-Sep-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen06-Oct-1979Thursday/Speed Squad/Friday/Saturday
Jimmy Hansen13-Oct-1979Speed Squad/Disaster Des
Jimmy Hansen20-Oct-1979Cover Feature: Manhole Man/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen27-Oct-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen17-Nov-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen24-Nov-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen08-Dec-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen15-Dec-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen22-Dec-1979Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen05-Jan-1980Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen12-Jan-1980Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen19-Jan-1980Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen26-Jan-1980Speed Squad
Jimmy Hansen02-Feb-1980Speed Squad
Joe McCaffrey14-Jan-1978Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey08-Jul-1978Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey22-Jul-1978Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey12-Aug-1978Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey14-Oct-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey21-Oct-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey06-Jan-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey13-Jan-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey20-Jan-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey03-Feb-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey24-Feb-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey03-Mar-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey10-Mar-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey17-Mar-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey24-Mar-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey31-Mar-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey07-Apr-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey14-Apr-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey21-Apr-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey05-May-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey12-May-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey19-May-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey26-May-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey02-Jun-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey09-Jun-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey23-Jun-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey30-Jun-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Joe McCaffrey07-Jul-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey14-Jul-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey21-Jul-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey28-Jul-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey04-Aug-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey11-Aug-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey18-Aug-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey25-Aug-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey01-Sep-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey08-Sep-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey15-Sep-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey22-Sep-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey29-Sep-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey06-Oct-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey13-Oct-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey20-Oct-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey27-Oct-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey10-Nov-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey24-Nov-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey01-Dec-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey08-Dec-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey15-Dec-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey22-Dec-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey29-Dec-1979Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey05-Jan-1980Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey12-Jan-1980Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey19-Jan-1980Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey26-Jan-1980Mustapha Million
Joe McCaffrey02-Feb-1980Mustapha Million
John K. Geering30-Sep-1978Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering07-Oct-1978Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering14-Oct-1978Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering21-Oct-1978Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering04-Nov-1978Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering11-Nov-1978Cover Feature: Why Dad Why/Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering18-Nov-1978Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering09-Dec-1978Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering06-Jan-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering27-Jan-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering03-Feb-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering10-Feb-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering17-Feb-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering24-Feb-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering03-Mar-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering10-Mar-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic/Pin-up pal: Why Dad Why
John K. Geering17-Mar-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering24-Mar-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering31-Mar-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering21-Apr-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering28-Apr-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering05-May-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering12-May-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering26-May-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering09-Jun-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering16-Jun-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering23-Jun-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering30-Jun-1979Why, Dad, Why?: Mystery Comic
John K. Geering14-Jul-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering21-Jul-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering28-Jul-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering04-Aug-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering18-Aug-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering25-Aug-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering01-Sep-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering08-Sep-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering15-Sep-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering22-Sep-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering29-Sep-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering13-Oct-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering20-Oct-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering27-Oct-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering03-Nov-1979Why, Dad, Why?/Mustapha Million
John K. Geering10-Nov-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering24-Nov-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering01-Dec-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering08-Dec-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering15-Dec-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering22-Dec-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering29-Dec-1979Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering19-Jan-1980Why, Dad, Why?
John K. Geering02-Feb-1980Why, Dad, Why?
John Richardson22-Oct-1977Space Family Robinson: The Snatch
John Richardson29-Oct-1977Space Family Robinson: The Chase
John Richardson05-Nov-1977Space Family Robinson: Escape
John Richardson12-Nov-1977Space Family Robinson: Trapped
John Richardson19-Nov-1977Space Family Robinson: The Pit
John Richardson26-Nov-1977Space Family Robinson: Tunnel of Terror
John Richardson03-Dec-1977Space Family Robinson: Race Against Time
John Richardson10-Dec-1977Space Family Robinson: Dead End
John Richardson17-Dec-1977Space Family Robinson: Death Leap
John Richardson24-Dec-1977Space Family Robinson: Black Menace
John Richardson31-Dec-1977Space Family Robinson: Forest of Fear
John Richardson07-Jan-1978Space Family Robinson: The Icemen
John Richardson14-Jan-1978Space Family Robinson: March of the Icemen
John Richardson21-Jan-1978Space Family Robinson: The Plain of Bubbles
John Richardson28-Jan-1978Space Family Robinson: The Captives
John Richardson04-Feb-1978Space Family Robinson: The Search
John Richardson11-Feb-1978Space Family Robinson: King Blubber
John Richardson18-Feb-1978Space Family Robinson: The Race
John Richardson25-Feb-1978Space Family Robinson: The Tunnel of Terror
John Richardson04-Mar-1978Space Family Robinson: Stampede
John Richardson11-Mar-1978Space Family Robinson: Fright Flight
John Richardson18-Mar-1978Space Family Robinson: King Blubber's Secret
John Richardson25-Mar-1978Space Family Robinson: The Tunnel
John Richardson30-Sep-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson07-Oct-1978Cover Feature: Mystery Boy/Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson14-Oct-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson21-Oct-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson28-Oct-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson04-Nov-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson11-Nov-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson18-Nov-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson25-Nov-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson02-Dec-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson09-Dec-1978Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson06-Jan-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson13-Jan-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson20-Jan-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson27-Jan-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson03-Feb-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson10-Feb-1979Cover Feature: Mystery Boy/Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson17-Feb-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson24-Feb-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson03-Mar-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson10-Mar-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson17-Mar-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson24-Mar-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson31-Mar-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson07-Apr-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson14-Apr-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson21-Apr-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson28-Apr-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson05-May-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson12-May-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson19-May-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson26-May-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson02-Jun-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson09-Jun-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson16-Jun-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson23-Jun-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson30-Jun-1979Mystery Boy: Mystery Comic
John Richardson07-Jul-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson14-Jul-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson21-Jul-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson28-Jul-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson04-Aug-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson11-Aug-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson18-Aug-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson25-Aug-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson01-Sep-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson08-Sep-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson15-Sep-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson22-Sep-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson29-Sep-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson06-Oct-1979Mystery Boy
John Richardson13-Oct-1979Mystery Boy
Keith Reynolds10-Dec-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds17-Dec-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds24-Dec-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds31-Dec-1977Creepy Pantomime
Keith Reynolds07-Jan-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds14-Jan-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds21-Jan-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds28-Jan-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds11-Feb-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds18-Feb-1978Cover Feature: Creepy Sleepy Tale/Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds25-Feb-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds04-Mar-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds11-Mar-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds18-Mar-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds25-Mar-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds01-Apr-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds08-Apr-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds15-Apr-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds22-Apr-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds29-Apr-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds06-May-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds13-May-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds20-May-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds27-May-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds03-Jun-1978Cover Feature: Creepy Sleepy Tale/Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds10-Jun-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds17-Jun-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds24-Jun-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds01-Jul-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds08-Jul-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds22-Jul-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds29-Jul-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds12-Aug-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds19-Aug-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Keith Reynolds26-Aug-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Ken Reid08-Jul-1978Buster mini comic: Faceache
Leslie Harding (Styx)23-Jun-1979Star Guest: Paws
Lopez19-Nov-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Lopez26-Nov-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Lopez03-Dec-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Lopez10-Dec-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Lopez17-Dec-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Lopez24-Dec-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Lopez31-Dec-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Massimo Belardinelli22-Oct-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Massimo Belardinelli29-Oct-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Massimo Belardinelli05-Nov-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Massimo Belardinelli12-Nov-1977James Bold: Fangs of Fear
Mike Brown22-Oct-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Mike Brown29-Oct-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Mike Brown05-Nov-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Mike Brown12-Nov-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Mike Brown19-Nov-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Mike Brown26-Nov-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Mike Brown03-Dec-1977Creepy Sleepy Tale
Mike Lacey17-Jun-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Mike Lacey24-Jun-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Mike Lacey01-Jul-1978Whizzer and Chips mini comic: Shiner/Whizzer and Chips mini comic: Sid's Snake
Mike Lacey08-Jul-1978Buster mini comic: X-Ray Specs
Mike Lacey15-Jul-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Mike Lacey22-Jul-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Mike Lacey05-Aug-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale/Wednesday (conclusion)
Mike Lacey26-Aug-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Mike Lacey30-Sep-1978Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey07-Oct-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Dan-Dan The Lavender Man
Mike Lacey14-Oct-1978Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey21-Oct-1978Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey28-Oct-1978Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey04-Nov-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Sherlock
Mike Lacey11-Nov-1978Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey25-Nov-1978Cover Feature: Disaster Des/Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey02-Dec-1978Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday/Cheeky's Pal Puzzle: Baby Burpo
Mike Lacey09-Dec-1978Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey06-Jan-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey13-Jan-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey20-Jan-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Pin-up pal: Disaster Des
Mike Lacey27-Jan-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Thursday/Friday/The Burpo Special: Uncle Hamish/Saturday
Mike Lacey03-Feb-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Thursday/Friday/The Burpo Special: Bump-Bump Bernie/Saturday
Mike Lacey10-Feb-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey17-Feb-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey24-Feb-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey03-Mar-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey10-Mar-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey17-Mar-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Disaster Des spot the difference/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey31-Mar-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey07-Apr-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey14-Apr-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey28-Apr-1979Star Guest: Scared-Stiff Sam/Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/The Burpo Special: Jogging Jeremy
Mike Lacey05-May-1979The Burpo Special: Teacher
Mike Lacey12-May-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/The Burpo Special: Mechanic
Mike Lacey19-May-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey09-Jun-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/The Burpo Special: Hypno-Tessa
Mike Lacey16-Jun-1979Cheeky's Week/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey23-Jun-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic
Mike Lacey30-Jun-1979Disaster Des: Mystery Comic/The Burpo Special: Sherlock
Mike Lacey07-Jul-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey14-Jul-1979Cover Feature: Yikky-Boo/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Disaster Des/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey21-Jul-1979Cover Feature: Petula/Disaster Des
Mike Lacey28-Jul-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey11-Aug-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey18-Aug-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey25-Aug-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey01-Sep-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Disaster Des/Saturday
Mike Lacey08-Sep-1979Cover Feature: Manhole Man
Mike Lacey15-Sep-1979Disaster Des/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey22-Sep-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey29-Sep-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey06-Oct-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Disaster Des
Mike Lacey20-Oct-1979Disaster Des/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey27-Oct-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey03-Nov-1979Disaster Des/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey10-Nov-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey17-Nov-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey24-Nov-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey01-Dec-1979Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Disaster Des/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey08-Dec-1979Cover Feature: Manhole Man and Disco Kid/Disaster Des
Mike Lacey15-Dec-1979Disaster Des/Cheeky Chuckles
Mike Lacey22-Dec-1979Cover Feature: Constable Chuckle/Disaster Des/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey29-Dec-1979Disaster Des
Mike Lacey05-Jan-1980Disaster Des
Mike Lacey12-Jan-1980Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey19-Jan-1980Disaster Des
Mike Lacey26-Jan-1980Disaster Des/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Mike Lacey02-Feb-1980Disaster Des
Mike Western08-Jul-1978Buster mini comic: All this and Leopard Boy too!
Mike White07-Jan-1978James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White14-Jan-1978James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White21-Jan-1978James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White28-Jan-1978James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White04-Feb-1978James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White11-Feb-1978James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White18-Feb-1978James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White25-Feb-1978Cover Feature: The Ghost Highwayman/James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White04-Mar-1978James Bold: The Ghost Highwayman
Mike White18-Mar-1978James Bold: Tower of Terror
Mike White25-Mar-1978James Bold: Tower of Terror
Mike White01-Apr-1978James Bold: Tower of Terror
Mike White08-Apr-1978James Bold: Tower of Terror
Mike White15-Apr-1978James Bold: Tower of Terror
Mike White22-Apr-1978James Bold: Tower of Terror
Mike White29-Apr-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White06-May-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White13-May-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White20-May-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White27-May-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White03-Jun-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White10-Jun-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White17-Jun-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White24-Jun-1978James Bold: The Frightened Village
Mike White01-Jul-1978James Bold: Island of Fear
Mike White08-Jul-1978James Bold: Island of Fear
Mike White15-Jul-1978James Bold: Island of Fear
Mike White22-Jul-1978James Bold: Island of Fear
Mike White29-Jul-1978James Bold: Island of Fear
Mike White05-Aug-1978James Bold: Island of Fear
Nick Baker02-Jun-1979Star Guest: Smiler
Nick Baker16-Jun-1979Dunlop Playsport
Nick Baker07-Jul-1979Dunlop Playsport
Nigel Edwards25-Mar-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Nigel Edwards01-Jul-19786 Million Dollar Gran
Nigel Edwards30-Sep-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards07-Oct-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards14-Oct-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards21-Oct-19786 Million Dollar Gran/Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards28-Oct-19786 Million Dollar Gran/Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards04-Nov-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards11-Nov-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards18-Nov-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards25-Nov-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards02-Dec-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards09-Dec-1978Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards06-Jan-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards13-Jan-19796 Million Dollar Gran
Nigel Edwards27-Jan-1979Cover Feature: Tub/Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards03-Feb-1979Tub: Mystery Comic/Pin-up pal: Tub
Nigel Edwards10-Feb-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards17-Feb-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards24-Feb-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards03-Mar-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards10-Mar-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards17-Mar-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards24-Mar-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards31-Mar-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards07-Apr-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards14-Apr-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards21-Apr-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards28-Apr-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards05-May-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards19-May-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards26-May-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards02-Jun-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards09-Jun-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards16-Jun-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards23-Jun-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards30-Jun-1979Tub: Mystery Comic
Nigel Edwards07-Jul-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards14-Jul-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub
Nigel Edwards21-Jul-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub
Nigel Edwards04-Aug-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards18-Aug-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards25-Aug-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards01-Sep-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards08-Sep-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub
Nigel Edwards15-Sep-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards06-Oct-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub
Nigel Edwards13-Oct-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub
Nigel Edwards20-Oct-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub
Nigel Edwards27-Oct-19796 Million Dollar Gran/Tub
Nigel Edwards10-Nov-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards17-Nov-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards24-Nov-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards01-Dec-1979Tub/6 Million Dollar Gran
Nigel Edwards08-Dec-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards15-Dec-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards22-Dec-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards29-Dec-1979Tub
Nigel Edwards05-Jan-1980Tub
Nigel Edwards12-Jan-1980Tub
Nigel Edwards19-Jan-1980Tub
Nigel Edwards26-Jan-1980Tub
Nigel Edwards02-Feb-1980Tub/6 Million Dollar Gran
Norman Mansbridge07-Apr-1979Star Guest: Fuss Pot
Not known15-Jul-1978Whoopee mini comic: Frankie Stein
Not known22-Sep-1979Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Paul Ailey15-Jul-1978Whoopee mini comic: Sweeny Toddler
Paul Ailey03-Nov-1979Speed Squad
Peter Davidson08-Jul-1978Buster mini comic: Tin Teacher
Peter Maddocks05-Nov-1977Cover Feature: Free Badge, Skateboard booklet part 1/Skateboard booklet
Peter Maddocks12-Nov-1977Skateboard booklet
Peter Maddocks19-Nov-1977Skateboard booklet
Peter Maddocks26-Nov-1977Skateboard booklet
Reg Parlett22-Oct-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett29-Oct-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett05-Nov-1977Pin-up pal: Mustapha Million/Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett12-Nov-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett19-Nov-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett26-Nov-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett03-Dec-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett10-Dec-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett17-Dec-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett24-Dec-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett31-Dec-1977Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett07-Jan-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett21-Jan-1978Cover Feature: Mustapha Million/Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett28-Jan-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett04-Feb-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett11-Feb-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett18-Feb-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett25-Feb-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett04-Mar-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett11-Mar-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett18-Mar-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett25-Mar-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett01-Apr-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett08-Apr-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett15-Apr-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett22-Apr-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett29-Apr-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett06-May-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett13-May-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett20-May-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett27-May-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett03-Jun-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett10-Jun-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett17-Jun-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett24-Jun-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett01-Jul-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett08-Jul-1978Buster mini comic: Stan Still's Stopwatch
Reg Parlett15-Jul-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett29-Jul-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett05-Aug-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett19-Aug-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett26-Aug-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett02-Sep-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett09-Sep-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett16-Sep-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett23-Sep-1978Mustapha Million
Reg Parlett30-Sep-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett07-Oct-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett28-Oct-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett04-Nov-1978Cover Feature: Mustapha Million/Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett11-Nov-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett18-Nov-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett25-Nov-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett02-Dec-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett09-Dec-1978Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett10-Feb-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Reg Parlett17-Feb-1979Mustapha Million: Mystery Comic
Rob Lee08-Jul-1978Buster mini comic: Kid Kong/Buster mini comic: Kid Gloves
Robert MacGillivray07-Jul-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray14-Jul-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray21-Jul-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray28-Jul-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray04-Aug-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray11-Aug-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray18-Aug-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray25-Aug-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray01-Sep-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray08-Sep-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray15-Sep-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray22-Sep-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray29-Sep-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray06-Oct-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray13-Oct-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray20-Oct-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray27-Oct-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray03-Nov-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray10-Nov-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray17-Nov-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray24-Nov-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray01-Dec-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray08-Dec-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray15-Dec-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray22-Dec-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray29-Dec-1979The Gang
Robert MacGillivray05-Jan-1980The Gang
Robert MacGillivray12-Jan-1980The Gang
Robert MacGillivray19-Jan-1980The Gang
Robert MacGillivray26-Jan-1980The Gang
Robert MacGillivray02-Feb-1980The Gang
Robert Nixon30-Sep-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon07-Oct-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon14-Oct-1978Cover Feature: The Elephant/Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon21-Oct-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon28-Oct-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon04-Nov-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon11-Nov-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon18-Nov-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon25-Nov-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon02-Dec-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon09-Dec-1978Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon06-Jan-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic/Pin-up pal: The Elephant
Robert Nixon13-Jan-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon20-Jan-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon27-Jan-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon10-Feb-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon17-Feb-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon24-Feb-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon03-Mar-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon10-Mar-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon17-Mar-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon24-Mar-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon07-Apr-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon14-Apr-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon21-Apr-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon28-Apr-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon05-May-1979Star Guest: Buytonic Boy/Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon12-May-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon26-May-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon02-Jun-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon09-Jun-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon16-Jun-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon23-Jun-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon30-Jun-1979Elephant On The Run: Mystery Comic
Robert Nixon07-Jul-1979Stage School/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon14-Jul-1979Stage School
Robert Nixon21-Jul-1979Stage School/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon28-Jul-1979Stage School/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon04-Aug-1979Stage School/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon11-Aug-1979Stage School
Robert Nixon18-Aug-1979Elephant On The Run/Stage School
Robert Nixon25-Aug-1979Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon01-Sep-1979Stage School
Robert Nixon08-Sep-1979Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon15-Sep-1979Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon22-Sep-1979Elephant On The Run/Stage School
Robert Nixon29-Sep-1979Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon06-Oct-1979Stage School
Robert Nixon13-Oct-1979Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon20-Oct-1979Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon27-Oct-1979Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon03-Nov-1979Elephant On The Run/Stage School
Robert Nixon10-Nov-1979Elephant On The Run/Stage School
Robert Nixon17-Nov-1979Stage School
Robert Nixon24-Nov-1979Stage School/Soggy the Sea Monster/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon01-Dec-1979Stage School/Soggy the Sea Monster
Robert Nixon08-Dec-1979Soggy the Sea Monster/Stage School/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon15-Dec-1979Stage School/Soggy the Sea Monster/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon22-Dec-1979Stage School/Soggy the Sea Monster/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon29-Dec-1979Soggy the Sea Monster/Elephant On The Run/Stage School
Robert Nixon05-Jan-1980Elephant On The Run/Stage School/Soggy the Sea Monster
Robert Nixon12-Jan-1980Stage School/Soggy the Sea Monster
Robert Nixon19-Jan-1980Stage School/Soggy the Sea Monster/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon26-Jan-1980Stage School/Soggy the Sea Monster/Elephant On The Run
Robert Nixon02-Feb-1980Elephant On The Run/Soggy the Sea Monster
Ron Turner12-Aug-1978Archie's Angels
Ron Turner19-Aug-1978Archie's Angels
Ron Turner26-Aug-1978Archie's Angels
Ron Turner02-Sep-1978Archie's Angels
Ron Turner09-Sep-1978Archie's Angels
Ron Turner16-Sep-1978Archie's Angels
Sid Burgon31-Mar-1979Star Guest: Lolly Pop
Sid Burgon07-Jul-1979Star Guest: Joker
Stan McMurtry14-Oct-1978Ghouldilocks
Steve Bell20-Jan-1979Goonburger Maze
Steve Bell27-Jan-1979Spaghetti Junction maze
Steve Bell03-Feb-1979Train Track Maze
Terry Bave22-Oct-1977Doug's Doodle
Terry Bave29-Oct-1977Doug's Doodle
Terry Bave05-Nov-1977Doug's Doodle
Terry Bave12-Nov-1977Doug's Doodle
Terry Bave26-Nov-1977Doug's Doodle
Terry Bave03-Dec-1977Doug's Doodle
Terry Bave10-Dec-1977Doug's Doodle
Terry Bave24-Dec-1977Doug's Doodle
Terry Bave01-Jul-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave08-Jul-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave15-Jul-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave22-Jul-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave29-Jul-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave05-Aug-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave12-Aug-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave19-Aug-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave26-Aug-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave02-Sep-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave09-Sep-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave16-Sep-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave23-Sep-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave30-Sep-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave07-Oct-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave14-Oct-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave21-Oct-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave28-Oct-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave04-Nov-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave11-Nov-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave18-Nov-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave25-Nov-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave02-Dec-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave09-Dec-1978Calculator Kid
Terry Bave06-Jan-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave13-Jan-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave20-Jan-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave27-Jan-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave03-Feb-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave10-Feb-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave17-Feb-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave24-Feb-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave03-Mar-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave10-Mar-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave17-Mar-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave24-Mar-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave31-Mar-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave14-Apr-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave28-Apr-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave05-May-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave12-May-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave19-May-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave02-Jun-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave09-Jun-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave16-Jun-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave23-Jun-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave30-Jun-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave07-Jul-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave14-Jul-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave21-Jul-1979Calculator Kid/Star Guest: Sammy Shrink
Terry Bave28-Jul-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave04-Aug-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave11-Aug-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave18-Aug-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave25-Aug-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave01-Sep-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave08-Sep-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave15-Sep-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave22-Sep-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave29-Sep-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave06-Oct-1979Calculator Kid/Ringer Dinger
Terry Bave13-Oct-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave20-Oct-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave27-Oct-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave03-Nov-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave10-Nov-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave17-Nov-1979Calculator Kid/Soggy the Sea Monster
Terry Bave24-Nov-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave01-Dec-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave08-Dec-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave15-Dec-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave22-Dec-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave29-Dec-1979Calculator Kid
Terry Bave05-Jan-1980Calculator Kid
Terry Bave12-Jan-1980Calculator Kid
Terry Bave19-Jan-1980Calculator Kid
Terry Bave26-Jan-1980Calculator Kid/Ringer Dinger
Terry Bave02-Feb-1980Ringer Dinger/Calculator Kid
Tom Paterson15-Jul-1978Creepy Sleepy Tale
Tom Paterson14-Apr-1979Star Guest: Sweeny Toddler
Tom Williams01-Jul-1978Whizzer and Chips mini comic: Joker/Whizzer and Chips mini comic: Fuss Pot
Trevor Metcalfe21-Apr-1979Star Guest: Sweet Tooth
Unknown Cheeky Artist 114-Jan-1978What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday (conclusion)/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval
Unknown Cheeky Artist 121-Jan-1978Saturday
Unknown Cheeky Artist 128-Jan-1978Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval
Unknown Cheeky Artist 111-Feb-1978What a Cheek/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Unknown Cheeky Artist 118-Feb-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval
Unknown Cheeky Artist 104-Mar-1978Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Interval/Saturday
Unknown Cheeky Artist 111-Mar-1978What a Cheek/Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday
Unknown Cheeky Artist 125-Mar-1978Sunday/Sunday evening/Monday/Suddenly/Tuesday/Saturday
Unknown Cheeky Artist 101-Apr-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Unknown Cheeky Artist 108-Apr-1978Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Unknown Cheeky Artist 122-Apr-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Unknown Cheeky Artist 129-Apr-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Unknown Cheeky Artist 106-May-1978Wednesday (conclusion)
Vic Neill06-Oct-1979Elephant On The Run
Vic Neill17-Nov-1979Elephant On The Run
Vic Neill01-Dec-1979Elephant On The Run
Vic Neill12-Jan-1980Elephant On The Run