Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Monday, 27 June 2011

Cheeky Weekly cover date 03 June 1978

After several weeks in which the main cover pic has been specially drawn, this week we're back to a main pic featuring a blown-up panel from inside the comic - it's from the centre pages' Creepy Sleepy Tale. Below that, Cheeky's mum returns to the cover for a fourth time, on this occasion setting up another gag with her toothy offspring in What a Cheek.

6 Million Dollar Gran comes to the aid of a hot air balloonist in this week's episode, and half of page 8 is taken up with a list of winners of the Basil Brush competition that appeared in the 11 March 1978 issue.

This is the issue where Six-Gun Sam attempts to demonstrate his shooting skills, assisted by Goalie Cat who launches tin-can targets for Sam to aim at with his pop-gun.  Sam vows to attempt this feat every day until he hits a can, so of course he and his furry feline friend are seen every day.

On Tuesday, we are left asking the question - who is Neil Martin, then?

This week's Old Comic feature sees Cheeky perusing one of his Grandad's comic's - a copy of Jester, 1929.  This is the oldest title to appear in the run of the Old Comic feature.

The Mustapha Million story owes something of a debt to The Beano's General Jumbo, as Mustapha's remote-controlled military men and vehicles bring a burglar to justice.  One would expect that Mustapha's unlimited funds would result in him having the latest technology at his disposal, yet the controls for his models are housed in a cabinet the size of a large fridge/freezer, while Jumbo's control device is a much more practical wrist-mounted panel.

Let joy be unconfined - pages 26 and 27 carry the final Road Runner strip to appear in Cheeky Weekly.

There's no Pin-Up Pal poster this week as the back cover contains a colour ad for Rotaplane, 'The great new flying machine'.

Sadly there is no pure Frank McDiarmid art in this issue.  Frank McDiarmid Pencils provide 8 Cheeky's Week elements, Jim Watson delivers 4, and Barrie Appleby furnishes us with the Wednesday conclusion.

Cheeky Weekly Cover Date: 03-Jun-1978, Issue 33 of 117
1Cover Feature 'Creepy Sleepy Tale' 3 of 3 - Art Keith Reynolds (final art on feature)\What a Cheek - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
2Sunday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
3Skateboard Squad - Art Jimmy Hansen
4Sunday evening - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
56 Million Dollar Gran - Art Ian Knox
66 Million Dollar Gran - Art Ian Knox
76 Million Dollar Gran - Art Ian Knox
8Basil Brush competition winners (single appearance)\Ad: IPC 'Tiger' 4 of 10
9Monday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
10James Bold 'The Frightened Village' 6 of 9 - Art Mike White
11James Bold 'The Frightened Village' 6 of 9 - Art Mike White
12Suddenly - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils (final art on feature)
13Tuesday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
14Old Comic reprint from The Jester 'Sandy and Dusty'
15Wednesday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
16Creepy Sleepy Tale - Art Keith Reynolds
17Creepy Sleepy Tale - Art Keith Reynolds\Wednesday (conclusion) - Art Barrie Appleby
18Ad: IPC 'Buster Holiday Fun Special' 1 of 3 Ad: 'Shoot Scotland Souvenir'
19Thursday - Art Frank McDiarmid pencils
20Home Movie 'Australian Adventure' - Art Jack Clayton
21Friday - Art Jim Watson
22Mustapha Million - Art Reg Parlett
23Mustapha Million - Art Reg Parlett
24Ad: Weetabix
25Saturday - Art Jim Watson
26Road Runner (final appearance) 'Trombone Boo Boo'
27Road Runner (final appearance) 'Trombone Boo Boo'
28Interval - Art Jim Watson
29Space Family Robinson 'Ambush'
30Space Family Robinson 'Ambush'
31Saturday - Art Jim Watson\What's New, Kids
32Ad: Rotaplane (first appearance)

Cheeky's Week Artists Cover Date 03-Jun-1978


Frank McDiarmid pencils8
Jim Watson4
Barrie Appleby1

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