Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Doug Jensen, not Doug Goodwin

Store Wars, a rollicking tale of retail rivalry, made its debut in Whizzer and Chips dated 05 September 1981. Rather unusually for a humour strip at that time, the feature's initial instalment ran to 3 pages (and the fourth panel contains an image of utter despondency, the like of which I've never seen in a kids' humour strip).

Whizzer and Chips 05 September 1981

For many years I was unable to put a name to the artist who first drew the strip (artwork duties on Store Wars were eventually passed to Jim Watson and then apparently Jimmy Hansen although I don't recall that myself). In latter years I came to associate this artist's work with the name Doug Goodwin. I wasn't the only one to make that connection, as evidenced by the Wikipedia entry for Store Wars.

However, I was recently perusing Whizzer and Chips dated 27 September 1986, and spotted the first letter on the Sid's Whizz-kids page...

Whizzer and Chips 27 September 1986

Vigilant reader Robert Ravenscroft had noted a change in the artwork style on Store Wars, because as of the 02 August 1986 'new look' issue, reprints drawn by the original artist had replaced episodes drawn by Jim Watson. Just for comparison, here's the Store Wars story from the issue of Whizzer and Chips in which the letter above appeared...

Whizzer and Chips 27 September 1986

I think we can all agree that this artist is the same person who drew the first episode above.

I must have read the letter and reply when I bought the comic in 1986, but unfortunately over the years the artist's name evidently exited my brain via a gap in a bunch of neurons.

Now, you may be thinking that we're veering somewhat from Cheeky-related matters here, but this does in fact impact on the Cheeky canon, as the artist I now know to be Doug Jensen drew a nine-page Stage School tale in the Cheeky Annual cover-dated 1985. Here's the first instalment...

Art: Doug Jensen

Sadly, a quick online search doesn't turn up any info regarding Doug Jensen, comic artist, although there is an animator of that name who was credited with work during the 1970s. If anyone has more details please get in touch.


  1. That would be my fault - I misremembered it as Goodwin, obviously mixing it up with the songwriter for one of the Pink Panther theme songs (Panther pink from head to toe) and everyone took my word for it. He also drew Country Cousin in Wow.

    I hadn’t seen that first strip since it was first printed.

    1. Notice how I diplomatically didn't name the source of the original name! Maybe someone could add a post to the Comics UK thread on which the erroneous name was mentioned to prevent any further confusion (I have forgotten my Comics UK login since I haven't posted for a long time). Cheers!

    2. You are too kind! I've also fixed Wikipedia.

      As for CUK, I could reset your password if you're still using your bigfoot email address?

    3. I noticed you'd fixed Wiki (well, I assumed it was you). Ok, if you could reset my CUK password that would be great. In theory the bigfoot address should redirect to my current one. Ta!

    4. That's your new password sent, and I can always cite this blog entry if anyone queries Doug's surname as you've dug up the primary source.

      Interesting point: Jim Watson had taken over by 1983, and as of issue 700 which I picked up a few months ago for £2, he was ghosting Doug very closely. He later adapted the main characters to his own style.

    5. To give you an idea of dates, Store Wars started early in the run of yellow mastheads, although I can't remember whether it was the very start (like you, I suspect, I was reading these all at the time!). Jim W must have taken over in 1983 (possibly late 82?) and as you know it went reprint in 1986. I can't remember when Jimmy H took over, nor can I remember whether they reused Jim W's strips, but I'll take a punt at 1988.

    6. Email received - thanks very much. Will delve into my W&C collection to pinpoint the commencement of the Jimmy Hansen era when time allows.

  2. Thanks for tidying that up. I'll fix my entry in the Cheeky Annual 1985 shortly.