Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Pages - Page 19

Page one of the two-elements-per-week feature Creepy Sleepy Tale occupied page 19 in Cheeky Weekly's first two issues (as the contents of the comic settled into a more regular pattern following the volatility of the early weeks, the feature would eventually locate most frequently in the centre pages). In the third issue, the Thursday component of Cheeky's Week moved in, after which a Home Movie flickered its way onto page 19. Thursday then resumed occupation, commencing a 6 week run.

Tubby Thomson and his filmic friends then brought their Home Movie hilarity back to page 19 with a seasonal offering entitled Christmas Past in the 31 December 1977 edition, after which Thursday enjoyed a further 4-week run. The second page of a 2-page Joke-Box Jury gagfest then occupied page 19, before Thursday commenced a marathon 21-week occupation of the subject location.

It was an ad for Gold Spinner cheese spread, alerting Cheeky Weekly readers to their promotion whereby 3 box lids and a 50p postal order could secure a genuine Frisbee (allow 28 days for delivery) which had the audacity to interrupt Thursday's page 19 tenancy. A barely-visible 'CHE1' printed on the cut-out coupon allowed the organisers of the Gold Spinner promotion to monitor how many responses this particular ad generated.

Creepy Sleepy Tale made another visit (its last) to page 19 in the comic dated 15 July 1978. On this occasion it was the second of the two CST elements that week, so was accompanied by its inseparable companion feature Wednesday (conclusion). A week later the legend 'CHE2' was borne in tiny letters on the coupon on page 19, as the Gold Spinner ad got its second and final Cheeky Weekly outing.

The second half of Mustapha Million's story came to rest on the page under review the following week, before Thursday returned for one issue. Friday then moved in for a week before being supplanted by 'advertorial' What's New, Kids. A further 2 week run of Thursday was then interrupted by page 2 of a Silly Snaps filler which itself was followed by the second page of a Joke-Box Jury 2-pager.

Thursday was then back for one issue, before the second page of Mustapha Million moved in for 3 weeks. An ad for Weetabix interrupted Mustapha's run in the first-birthday 21 October 1978 edition, but thereafter the boodle-blessed Bedouin returned for a further 3 weeks.

Page 19 was the location of another ad in the 18 November 1978 issue – this time confectionary manufacturer Trebor was keen to inform readers that a cap-firing Super Spy Gun could be obtained for 90p plus two wrappers from their Double Agents sweets.

Our middle-eastern pal was then back for a week, after which Friday moved in, only to give way the following week to Skateboard Squad. However, even the trio of intrepid 'boarders couldn't deter Mustapha, who returned for one issue before being elbowed out for 3 weeks by Elephant On The Run's second page. Mustapha's return for a week was again interrupted by Elephant for two issues, before Mustapha enjoyed a 5 week sojourn on page 19.

Mystery Comic co-star Disaster Des ousted our pachyderm pal in the 31 March 1979 edition, after which plucky Mustapha returned for a week. Sweeny Toddler then made a Star Guest appearance on page 19, and the following week another advert, this time a competition to promote Palitoy's range of Star Wars models. Readers were invited to submit a design for a new droid (along with proof of purchase of a Palitoy Star Wars product), and the winners would get a trip to Elstree Studios to see the filming of The Empire Strikes Back and meet some of the stars (by which I assume they meant Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher et al and not a selection of white dots on a black background behind a model of the Millennium Falcon).

Why, Dad, Why? then made its first foray onto page 19, before being replaced by Mustapha, followed by our peripatetic pachyderm pal, Elephant, who was, as ever, running.

The Mystery Comic's adventure serial, Mystery Boy, then moved in for 2 weeks until being displaced by the third instalment of the less than scintillating Cheeky Spotter Book of Town and Around. The father-and-son-fun that was Why, Dad, Why? returned for a week, before Mystery Boy replaced them. However, the following week WDW were back, only to be dislodged 7 days later by an advert for The Stickits. Bryant and May, best known as manufacturers of matches, were evidently keen to diversify, probably in the face of increased usage of disposable cigarette lighters. Their Stickit range consisted of tubes containing wood sticks (i.e. matches without the igniting head), hats, eyes, noses and other accessories which could be affixed to the outer surface of the tube to create 'four comical characters'.

Mystery Boy commenced another run on page 19 in Cheeky Weekly dated 07 July 1979. Our plucky WW2 amnesiac pal clocked up 11 consecutive appearances in that location until he was displaced by Mustapha. However the affluent Arab was in turn deposed in the 29 September 1979 issue by an advert for WH Smith who, anticipating the impending flurry of festive spending, were keen to alert readers (and their parents) that the 1980 annuals (not just those published by IPC) were in stock.

The following week the showbiz wannabes of Stage School occupied page 19, but 7 days later 2 ads shared that site. Below an in-house ad in which Charlie and Calculator asked readers 'Do you have trouble getting copies of Cheeky Weekly?' and advised those thusly afflicted to place a regular order with their newsagents, was an advert for Pop-A-Points containing a colouring competition in which the first prize was somewhat ambiguously described as a 'TV Game'. This could indicate either a box of the latest microchippery enabling the proud winner to battle Space Invaders on the family goggle box, or (the less appealing option for most) a board game based on a popular TV show.

A week later page 19 was host to the last in the sporadic run of Silly Snaps fillers. In the following edition Elephant On The Run made his final excursion to page 19, being replaced there the following week by Mustapha Million.

7 days later Thursday paid its valedictory visit to page 19, making it the feature to most regularly occupy the site under examination, dropping in on a total of 37 occasions.

Despite their (reprinted under a different name) adventures having commenced in Cheeky Weekly dated 07 July 1979, it wasn't until the 17 November 1979 edition that the previously-known-as-The Double-Deckers-now-renamed-The-Gang made their first call on page 19. Our pseudonymous pals evidently found that location agreeable as they remained for 6 weeks before 6 Million Dollar Gran made her only visit. The Gang then resumed tenancy for a further 3 weeks until their run was interrupted by Mustapha Million's final page 19 outing in the penultimate Cheeky Weekly. Our affluent Arab chum was the second most regular inhabitant, making a total of 20 appearances on page 19 (the first page of his 2-page adventures on 19 occasions, and the second page just once).

The Gang had the honour of being the final page 19 occupants as the toothy funster's comic reached the end of its run.

Count of Elements (or distinct combinations thereof) appearing on Page 19

Elements Total
Mustapha Million 2/219
Mystery Boy14
The Gang 2/210
Elephant On The Run 2/26
Why, Dad, Why?3
Advertisement: Gold Spinner2
Creepy Sleepy Tale 1/22
Home Movie2
Joke-Box Jury 2/22
6 Million Dollar Gran1
Advertisement: IPC\Advertisement: Pop-A-Points1
Advertisement: Palitoy1
Advertisement: The Stickits1
Advertisement: Trebor1
Advertisement: WH Smith1
Advertisement: Weetabix1
Cheeky Spotter Book of Town and Around 1/21
Creepy Sleepy Tale 2/2\Wednesday (conclusion)1
Disaster Des1
Elephant On The Run1
Mustapha Million 1/21
Silly Snaps1
Silly Snaps 2/21
Skateboard Squad1
Stage School1
Star Guest1
What's New, Kids1

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