Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Wednesday 7 December 2011

The pages - Page 12

For the first 6 issues of Cheeky Weekly, page 12 was the home of the Tuesday feature.  In those early issues, Tuesday was usually split across 2 pages, with Cheeky's climb to the attic for a furtive read of one of his dad's old comics appearing between them.  Of those first 6 issues, page 12 was host to the first part of the Tuesday feature on 4 occasions, the second part on one occasion (including one of Doug's Doodles), and in the 19 November 1977 comic page 12 was home to the only Tuesday page that week, the second Tuesday segment having been replaced by an advert.

In issues 7 and 8, Old Comic appeared on page 12, but then Tuesday moved back in for 2 weeks, until the Christmas 1977 issue saw the first page of Cheeky's Boxing Day antics occupy that location.  Page 12 was the proud host of the debut Suddenly feature in the 07 January 1978 issue, but the week after, Tuesday, now reduced to a single page each week, began another run, this time for 3 weeks.  After an issue in which page 12 was the home of the What's New, Kids feature, Tuesday enjoyed another run, this time for 8 issues until Suddenly appeared again for one week.

Tuesday was back on page 12 in the comic dated 06 May 1978, but Suddenly moved in again the following week, then was ousted by a page shared by What's New, Kids and an ad for Arena Swimwear in the 20 May 1978 comic.

Tuesday then reappeared for 1 week, after which Suddenly made a concerted bid for dominance, but relinquished control to Tuesday again 3 weeks later.

For the following 4 issues, 1978's mini comics promotion saw page 12 host the final page of each of the miniature versions of Whizzer and Chips, Buster, Whoopee! and Mickey Mouse respectively.

Paddywack moved into page 12 in the first post-mini-comic issue, dated 29 July 1978, and the following week the first page of lucky winners of the Draw Hid Kid competition were printed in that location, each of whom could look forward to receiving £2 for their efforts.

On 12 August 1978, the Wednesday feature made its first foray onto page 12, where it remained the following week, but was ousted by plucky Tuesday in the 26 August 1978 comic.  The following week page 12 hosted the first page of the debut appearance of filler feature Silly Snaps, but next issue our bumbling pal Paddywack was back.  Silly Snaps returned to page 12 the week after, but indefatigable Tuesday was back the following week.

In a surprise move, Wednesday laid claim to page 12 for the next 9 issues, before being deposed by the first page of  The Mystery Comic's Mustapha Million story for the next 2 weeks.

After this interruption by the middle-eastern moneybags, Wednesday was firmly back on page 12 for a further 8 weeks, being ousted only by variant Ash Wednesday, in the issue dated 03 March 1979.

Wednesday proper was then in control for a further 4 weeks, until The Mystery Comic moved back in for another 4 issues, each time featuring  on page 12 the first element of the hectic man-in-plastic-mac vs peripatetic pachyderm chase that was Elephant On The Run.

Wednesday enjoyed a 9 week run from 05 May 1979, after which it never returned to that location.  Wednesday had clocked up a creditable 32 appearances on page 12, making it the feature to appear there most regularly.

Tuesday then defied those who thought they had seen the last of it on page 12, and established itself there for 4 weeks, until its run was interrupted on 04 August 1979 by a readers' poll.  Tuesday was back again for a 3 issue run until an ad appeared on page 12 in the 01 September 1979 comic for a joint promotion being run in the pre-Christmas period by WH Smith and Spear's Games.

The juvenile stars of TV's all-singing-and-dancing omnibus-based entertainment show The Double Deckers, masquerading as The Gang in a re-titled series of reprints from Whizzer and Chips, hogged page 12 for 10 weeks from 08 September 1979 to 10 November 1979, until the catastrophic clot Disaster Des wrought several varieties of havoc on page 12 for a 6 week run.  Tenacious Tuesday then made its final page 12 appearance in the issue dated 29 December 1979 (the third Tuesday element to appear in that issue), before relinquishing control to Des for his final disastrous outing on page 12.

A father-and-son takeover bid ensued as the duo from Why, Dad, Why? moved in on 19 January 1980, but dad and his lad were evicted from page 12 the following week by a Soggy the Sea Monster reprint from Shiver and Shake.

In an entirely unexpected move, Snail emerged triumphant in the battle for page 12 in Cheeky Weekly's final issue, as the merry mollusc and his back garden buddies featured in that location in the final episode of Snail of the Century.

Count of Elements (or distinct combinations thereof) appearing on Page 12
Elements Total
The Gang 1/210
Disaster Des7
Tuesday 1/26
Elephant On The Run 1/24
Mustapha Million 1/22
Old Comic2
Silly Snaps 1/22
Soggy the Sea Monster2
Advertisement: Arena Swimwear\What's New, Kids1
Advertisement: WH Smith & Spear's Games1
Ash Wednesday1
Boxing Day 1/21
Buster mini comic 4/41
Draw Hid Kid winners 1/21
Mickey Mouse Mini Comic 4/41
My favourite Cheeky pals1
Snail of the Century1
Tuesday 2/2\Doug's Doodle1
Tuesday 3/31
What's New, Kids1
Whizzer and Chips mini comic 4/41
Whoopee mini comic 4/41
Why, Dad, Why?1


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  2. I was thinking the same thing, Peter - I've lightened the background a bit. Happy Christmas!