Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Friday, 5 August 2011

The pages - page 10

Page 10 was home to synthetic senior citizen 6 Million Dollar Gran in the first 2 issues of Cheeky weekly, but in issue 3 Tuesday took Gran's place in that location.  However, Gran was back on page 10 in the 12 November 1977 issue, and remained there up to and including the 24 December 1977 comic.  The following week James Bold occupied page 10, and our steel-nerved ghost hunter remained there for a further 3 weeks, until his run of adventures on page 10 was interrupted by an appearance of the Suddenly feature in the issue dated 18 January 1978.

Not to be deterred, Bold was back on page 10 for another 5 weeks up to the 04 March 1978 comic, in which the concluding episode of Bold's adventure, The Ghost Highwayman appeared on page 10.  The following week Bold was absent from the comic (taking a well-deserved holiday after the stressful events of his previous adventure, presumably), so Suddenly was back on page 10.

Indefatigable Bold was back investigating the creepy goings-on in and around the Tower of Terror, on page 10 from 18 March 1978 up to the final episode on 22 April 1978, whereafter page 10 hosted our hero as he plunged headlong into the terrifying events of The Frightened Village from 29 April 1978 to 24 June 1978.  This was the last time Bold appeared on page 10, as his final adventure, Island of Fear, appeared as a Saturday morning picture show and therefore moved towards the rear of the comic.

From 01 July 1978 to 22 July 1978, IPC was running a mini comics promotion across their humour titles, so for those four weeks page 10 was host to miniature replica pages of Whizzer and Chips, Buster, Whoopee! and Mickey Mouse.

The week after the mini comic promotion ended, Joke-Box Jury made its page 10 debut, and for the 3 weeks following, the Tuesday element of Cheeky's week moved into page 10.

In the 26 August 1978 issue, page 10 was host to the first appearance of the short-lived filler strip, Teacher's Teasers, but Tuesday was back on page 10 in the following issue.  Page 10 in the comic dated 09 September 1978 contained an ad for that week's Whizzer and Chips, in which Sid Burgon depicted W&C rival gangleaders Sid and Shiner battling each other on a Clash of the Robots game, which was the prize in their comic's competition.

Tuesday was then back for 1 week, after which page 10 hosted  2 ads; one for the Cor!! Annual 1979, and a rather unusual ad for Whizzer and Chips which focuses solely on that week's episode of The Buytonic Boy, in which BB met up with Wondrous Girl (a Wonder Woman spoof).

Tuesday was then back for another 2 weeks, after which Skateboard Squad moved in for 2 weeks, before Tuesday returned for a further 2 week run.

This ping-ponging continued as Skateboard Squad moved back in for 2 weeks, but in the pattern was broken when Tuesday regained hold of page 10 for 1 week only, and in the 02 December 1978 issue, relinquished possession of page 10 to our chubby chum, Tub.

However, Tub's hold on page 10 proved tenuous, and he never returned to this location in the comic.  Instead, in the following week's issue, Why, Dad, Why made its only page 10 appearance, after which Paddywack caused chaos on page 10 for 5 weeks.

On 10 February 1978, Tuesday was back, but only for 1 week as Paddywack returned for a 7-week run.  This was followed by a run of 4 Wednesdays on page 10, but on 05 May 1979, Paddywack returned to page 10 to begin a run of 3 weeks.

In the 26 May 1979 issue, page 10 saw the rebirth of The Skateboard Squad in their new guise of Speed Squad.  True to their new name, Speed Squad rapidly moved elsewhere in the comic and never returned to page 10, allowing Paddywack back in for a further 5 weeks, his final run in this location.

The Gang (a retitled reprint of the Double Deckers strip from Whizzer and Chips) made their debut In Cheeky Weekly on page 10 in the issue dated 07 July 1979.  They returned to page 10 for the final time the following week, after which page 10 was host to a half-page Joke-Box Jury and an ad for Whoopee! Summer Special.

Joke-Box Jury occupied the whole of page 10 in the comic dated 28 July 1979, but then the young showbiz wannabes of Stage School moved in (the only time they graced page 10). From 11 August 1979 to 01 September 1979, Joke-Box Jury was back on page 10, but the following week, Tuesday was back for the first time in 32 weeks.  Tuesday returned again the following week, but in the 22 September 1979 issue, Joke-Box Jury was back on page 10 for the last time.

Tuesday, the feature to appear on page 10 most frequently, enjoyed its last run on page 10 from 29 September to the final issue dated 02 February 1980.

Count of Elements (or distinct combinations thereof) appearing on Page 10

James Bold 2/215
James Bold 1/29
6 Million Dollar Gran 3/35
6 Million Dollar Gran 2/34
Skateboard Squad4
Joke-Box Jury3
Joke-Box Jury 1/23
Paddywack 1/22
The Gang 1/22
Advertisement: IPC1
Advertisement: IPC\Advertisement: IPC1
Buster mini comic 2/4 2/41
Joke-Box Jury 2/21
Joke-Box Jury\Advertisement: IPC1
Mickey Mouse Mini Comic 2/41
Speed Squad 1/21
Stage School 1/21
Teacher's Teasers 1/21
Tuesday 1/21
Tuesday 1/31
Whizzer and Chips mini comic 2/4 2/41
Whoopee mini comic 2/4 2/41
Why, Dad, Why?1

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