Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Monday 9 May 2011

The pages - page 7

Page 7 in the first 2 issues of Cheeky Weekly was the home to the second page of James Bold's adventure, Fangs of Fear.  The third Cheeky Weekly featured the Monday element of Cheeky's Week on page 7, and in the following two issues the What's New, Kids advertising feature occupied page 7.

Monday was back on page 7 from the 26 November 1977 issue to the issue dated 24 December 1977, after which 6 Million Dollar Gran moved in for 4 weeks.

Monday was again back on page 7 for the 28 January 1978 issue, but Gran was back in control for the ensuing 6 weeks, before What's New, Kids returned on 18 March 1978.

Gran then regained page 7 for a further 12 weeks, until she was bumped from page 7 in the 17 June 1978 issue, when a page of readers' Father's Day messages was printed in that location.  The following week page 7 was home to Gran again, as it was the week after that, but Gran's run on page 7 was again interrupted on 08 July 1978, when the Monday feature moved back in.

An advert for Palitoy's Pippa range of dolls appeared on page 7 in the 15 July 1978 issue.  The ad featured a promotion in which purchasers of any doll from the range could send off the top of the pack together with their receipt and receive a free doll in return, 'dressed in a lovely outfit'.  This is more generous than the same manufacturer's 'get a free Action Man' schemes, where tokens had to be collected from Action Man equipment packs in order to receive a free Action Man, naked except for his boots.

On page 7 the following week was a '5 Papers Competition', also running in IPC stablemates Buster, Mickey Mouse, Whizzer and Chips and Whoopee!  There were 300 hundred first prizes of Streakers - no, we're not back to servicemen clad only in footwear.  From the illustration, the Streaker appears to be a rugby-ball shaped plastic device threaded with two lengths of clothes-line.  Two people are required to operate it, and they stand holding one line in each hand, with the Streaker suspended between them.  Operator A then extends his arms to the sides, forcing the Streaker towards his chum at the other end of the line.  As the plastic Streaker approaches, operator B, fearing the imminent collision, jerks his arms apart.  If operator A is feeling suitably compliant and brings his hands together, the device will reverse its direction of travel.  The Streaker session will likely end in stalemate, with both participants holding their arms as wide as possible, and the plastic rugby-ball device sagging to the ground.

Gran returned to page 7 from 29 July 1978 to 09 September 1978.  The following week, What's New, Kids was back, after which Monday found itself on page 7 for 3 weeks.

Page 7 was the home of the short-lived 'edutainment' feature, Laugh and Learn, on 21 October 1978.  Monday then moved back in from 28 October 1978 to 25 November 1978, but Laugh and Learn was back on 02 December 1978.

In a surprise move, Paddywack turned up on page 7 in the 09 December 1978 issue, the only time he appeared on this page.

Calculator Kid moved into page 7 on 06 January 1979, but in the following issue Charlie Counter's electronic pal must have calculated that page 7 was not a good place to be that week, as that was the location of the Monday feature.  For the next 3 weeks, Calculator Kid was back on page 7, until the issue dated 10 February 1979, when the second page of a Joke-Box Jury 2-pager occupied the seventh page.

Calculator Kid was back on page 7 from 17 February 1979 until 07 April 1979, and the following week Skateboard Squad moved in, before Calculator Kid returned on 14 April 1979.

Sweet Tooth from Whizzer and Chips made an appearance in the  'Star Guest' feature on page 7 in the comic dated 21 April 1979, before Calculator Kid returned from 28 April 1979 to 19 May 1979.

Page 7 of the issue dated 26 May 1979 was the home of 2 IPC ads.  In the first, Charlie Counter's number-crunching electronic pal calculated that if readers filled in the adjacent coupon and handed it to their newsagent, their worries about missing an issue of Cheeky Weekly would be at an end. (don't forget to get the signature of your parent or guardian).  The second ad was for Look and Learn magazine, which that week came with a free album in which to affix a collection of stickers featuring birds of the world.  6 stickers were also free this issue, with 6 more free stickers to follow next week.  After that, you're on your own.  You can buy further packs of stickers at your newsagent, but with 300 to collect, be prepared to be expending considerable amounts of pocket money for the next year.  And to be knee-deep in duplicates of the Peruvian Gannet.

Calculator Kid was then back on page 7 for his last run in this location, which lasted for 5 weeks.

6 Million Dollar Gran made a bid to return to page 7, but she only managed to hold on to this spot for 2 weeks, after which Monday regained control of page 7 for 14 weeks.  Monday's run was broken by the return of Joke-Box Jury on 27 October 1979. In this issue, Joke-Box Jury appeared 3 times, page 7 hosting a half-page instalment, with a 2-page J-B J occupying pages 20 and 21.  The bottom half of page 7 contained an ad for Knockout Annual, 1980.  The weekly Knockout comic had failed and been merged as far back as 1973, but in the grand British comics tradition, annuals continued to be published long after the weekly version had ceased to exist.

Monday was then back for 2 weeks, but Stage School came to rest on page 7 in the 17 November 1979 issue and for the next 5 weeks. 

Mustapha Million, another refugee from the erstwhile Mystery Comic then appeared on page 7, before the Monday feature made its final appearance in that location.  The following issue, dated 12 January 1980 contained an ad for Pop-A-Points coloured pens, after which Mustapha Million was back for his final outing on page 7.

Ringer Dinger made the second of his 3 Cheeky Weekly appearance on 26 January 1980, the only time Terry Bave's telephonic tyke would dial up on page 7.  Ringer was of course a reprint from Whizzer and Chips.

Disaster Des was given the honour of appearing on page 7 in the final issue of Cheeky Weekly, in the second page of a 2-page set, although each page contained a separate story.
Count of Elements (or distinct combinations thereof) appearing on Page 7

Elements Total
6 Million Dollar Gran 3/330
Calculator Kid21
Stage School 2/26
What's New, Kids4
6 Million Dollar Gran 2/22
6 Million Dollar Gran 2/32
James Bold 2/22
Mustapha Million 2/22
5 Papers Competition1
Advertisement: IPC\Advertisement: IPC1
Advertisement: Palitoy1
Advertisement: Pop-A-Points1
Disaster Des 2/21
Father's Day Messages1
Joke-Box Jury 1/3\Advertisement: IPC1
Joke-Box Jury 2/21
Laugh and Learn1
Laugh and Learn 2/21
Monday 2/21
Ringer Dinger1
Skateboard Squad1
Star Guest1

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