Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Monday 6 June 2011

The pages - page 8

The Monday element of Cheeky's Week was the feature appearing on page 8 of the first two issues of Cheeky Weekly, but in issue 3 the first page of a 2-page 6 Million Dollar Gran story occupied page 8.

Monday was then back on page 8 for 2 weeks, before Gran moved back in for a run of 7 weeks.  Not to be deterred, Monday recaptured page 8 for a further 2 weeks, but in the 28 January 1978 issue the first page of the fourth instalment of James Bold's second adventure occupied page 8.

Monday was then back for a 5 week run until Joke-Box Jury occupied page 8 in the 11 March 1978 issue.  Monday returned for another 2 weeks until deposed again by Joke-Box Jury on 01 April 1978, and the following week page 8 was the home of the What's New, Kids advertising feature.

Monday moved back in for a further 2 weeks until the comic dated 29 April 1978, which saw an advert for Trebor's 'get a Batman-related Corgi Junior toy' promotion.  Cheeky's Monday escapades then returned to page 8 for 1 week before being deposed by an ad for Pritt's Funny Faces do-it-yourself-adhesive-cartoon-assembly thing.

Monday regained possession of page 8 for 2 more weeks before being interrupted again, this time by a page consisting of Basil Brush competition winners and an ad for one of IPC's adventure titles, Tiger.

On page 8 in the 10 June 1978 issue was an ad for Texan Bars, a confection utilising Wild West imagery on the wrapper and in the supporting ad campaign (never did Milky Bar any harm, so why not try it again).  Having said that, at this time there was a promotion running which deviated somewhat from the old west elements of the product, as purchasers could collect a free dinosaur sticker from 'most sweetshops'.  My memory of these bars is that consuming one was rather hazardous, since the rigid chocolate coating had a tendency to part company with the pliable, sweetly glutinous filling when a bite was taken out of it, thereby depositing chocolatey crumbs on one's clothing.

In the 17 June 1978 issue, page 8 was host to a half-page Joke-Box Jury and an ad for Buster Holiday Fun Special, after which Monday returned for 2 weeks before being deposed by an ad for Smiths' line of horror-themed salty snacks, Horror Bags.  At this time they were running a promotion entitling consumers to get an Identi-Kit game, 'the gruesome game for 2-4 players, worth 75p', for a bargain 30p.

Monday enjoyed another 2 week run on page 8 before being ousted by a colour ad for Rotaplane, 'the great new flying machine'.  From the accompanying illustration, I would guess that the aerial toy was constructed from polystyrene and had rotating wings, hence the name.

Monday then returned for another 3 weeks until the 26 August 1978 issue which featured an ad for the following week's issues of Cheeky Weekly, Whoopee!, Whizzer and Chips and Mickey Mouse, which would all be featuring cut-out games, and the following week an almost identical ad appeared on page 8, to tell readers that the comics in question were now on sale.

Monday then resumed its run on page 8 for a further 3 weeks, before the Silly Snaps feature moved in on 30 September 1978.

The following week the Laugh and Learn feature made its Cheeky Weekly Debut on page 8, but the next issue had a half-page Joke-Box Jury and ad for the Cheeky Annual in that location.

The 21 October 1978 issue had a Kellogg's ad on page 8.  The cereal manufacturers were running a token-collection promotion which enabled enthusiastic breakfasters to receive Playpeople figures.

Joke-Box Jury was back the following week, then Laugh and Learn for 2 weeks, followed by Joke-Box Jury again.

Page 8 in the 18 November 1978 issue was home to 2 ads.   The first was for Bassett's sweets, and informed readers that they could collect 12 empty sweet bags to receive a free Paddington Bear book.  The second was an IPC ad for Mickey Mouse comic.

Over the next few weeks a jumble of different features and ads cropped up on page 8.  In order of appearance from 25 November 1978 to 31 March 1979 these were;

Joke-Box Jury
What's New, Kids
Calculator Kid
Goonburger Maze (single appearance)
Your chance to vote (first appearance)\Ad: IPC 'Mickey Mouse' 9 of 18
Train Track Maze (single appearance)
Ad: Weetabix 'Superman promo'
Ad: KP 'Hula Hoops Hulk promo'
Joke-Box Jury
Tease Break
Ad: IPC 'Tornado No 1' 1 of 2 \Ad: Pacific Flyers (single appearance)
Ad: Trebor 'Double Agents' 4 of 6
Tease Break\Ad: IPC 'Battle Action' 2 of 2

A brief period of stability for page 8 followed, with 4 weeks of the Tuesday feature in that location, but from 05 May 1979 to 30 June 1979 a mixture of elements filled the page;

Ad: Palitoy 'Pippa' 3 of 4
Ad: IPC 'Jackpot' 2 of 7 Ad:  'Krazy Holiday Special' 3 of 4
Ad: WH Smith
Ad: Mr Bellamy's (first appearance)
Star Guest 'Smiler'
Ad: Mr Bellamy's
What's New, Kids
Ad: Mr Bellamy's
Ad: WH Smith

For the following 2 weeks Monday resumed its page 8 position, the last of its appearances there, and on 21 July 1979, page 1 of The Gang's 2-page adventure moved in, as it did for the following 5 issues.

After that, another period of turbulence ensued, with the following ads and features appearing on page 8 from 01 September 1979 to 22 December 1979;

Ad: Green Cross Code (final appearance) 'Football Crazy' 2 of 2
Ad: Signal (single appearance) 'Dracula promo'
Ad: Trebor 'Olympic competition'
Ad: Mr Bellamy's
Ad: Trebor 'Olympic Game' 1 of 2
Ad: Trebor (final appearance) 'Olympic Game' 2 of 2
Joke-Box Jury 1/2
Chit-Chat 1/2
Joke-Box Jury 1/2
Ad: Pocket Popamatics (single appearance)
What's New, Kids (final appearance)
Joke-Box Jury
Ad: Action Man (final appearance)
Ad: Tente (single appearance)
Ad: IPC 'Fleetway Annuals'
Junior Jet Club Competition (single appearance)

Page 8 in the 29 December 1979 issue featured a Soggy the Sea Monster reprint from Shiver and Shake, and in the following issue the budding thespians of Stage School moved in, and the first page of their weekly 2-page spread remained on page 8 up to and including the final issue of Cheeky Weekly, dated 02 February 1980.

Count of Elements (or distinct combinations thereof) appearing on Page 8


Joke-Box Jury7
The Gang 1/26
6 Million Dollar Gran 1/35
Advertisement: Trebor5
Stage School 1/25
Advertisement: Mr Bellamy's4
What's New, Kids4
Advertisement: IPC3
6 Million Dollar Gran 3/32
Advertisement: WH Smith2
Joke-Box Jury 1/22
Joke-Box Jury\Advertisement: IPC2
Laugh and Learn 1/22
6 Million Dollar Gran 1/21
Advertisement: Action Man1
Advertisement: Bassett's\Advertisement: IPC1
Advertisement: Funny Faces1
Advertisement: Green Cross Code1
Advertisement: Horror Bags1
Advertisement: IPC\Advertisement: IPC1
Advertisement: IPC\Advertisement: Pacific Flyers1
Advertisement: KP1
Advertisement: Kellogg's1
Advertisement: Palitoy1
Advertisement: Pocket Popamatics1
Advertisement: Rotaplane1
Advertisement: Signal1
Advertisement: Tente1
Advertisement: Texan bars1
Advertisement: Weetabix1
Basil Brush competition winners\Advertisement: IPC1
Calculator Kid1
Chit-Chat 1/21
Goonburger Maze1
James Bold 1/21
Junior Jet Club Competition1
Paddywack 1/21
Silly Snaps 1/21
Soggy the Sea Monster1
Star Guest1
Tease Break1
Tease Break\Advertisement: IPC1
Train Track Maze1
Your chance to vote\Advertisement: IPC1

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