Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
Cheeky Weekly ™ REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, COPYRIGHT ©  REBELLION PUBLISHING LTD, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED was a British children's comic with cover dates spanning 22 October 1977 to 02 February 1980.

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Pages - Page 22

The cinematic shenanigans of Home Movie occupied page 22 of the first two issues of Cheeky Weekly, but the filmic fun was supplanted the following week by Mustapha Million, who retained his hold on the subject page for 13 weeks.

However, our middle eastern mate wasn't absent for long, because after a single appearance of the Friday element of Cheeky's Week, Mustapha was back for a marathon 17-issue run, which was again interrupted by Friday for a single week. Mustapha's sure grip on page 22 appeared to be slipping by this point as his return was for a mere 2 weeks, after which the gag-evaluating panel of Joke-Box Jury turned up to deliberate on the latest selection of readers' funnies in the issue dated 01 July 1978.

For the next three weeks, page 22 was home to a selection of ads, the majority of which were focused on the imminent summer holidays. Toy manufacturer Peter Pan Playthings were advertising a range of products suited to recreational use outdoors (the same toys were offered as prizes in a competition in the toothy funster's comic dated 22 July 1978). Birds Eye were no doubt hoping that a scorching summer would shift plenty of their mousses (moussi?), while the Cheeky Summer Special could be enjoyed whatever the meteorological conditions.

Date Details
08-Jul-78Ad: Peter Pan Playthings (first appearance)
15-Jul-78Ad: Birds Eye Mousse
22-Jul-78Ad: IPC 'Cheeky Summer Special' 3 of 6 \Ad: Bassett's (first appearance)

In the 29 July 1978 issue it was the electronic prognostications of Calculator Kid's silicon-chipped sidekick that featured on the page in question, but for the next 2 issues adverts returned...

Date Details
05-Aug-78Ad: Sporting Aces (first appearance)
12-Aug-78Ad: Rowntree Mackintosh

Joke-Box Jury then resumed occupation for one week, being displaced by the final episode of Old Comic which chose to bow out with a Champ strip from Whizzer and Chips.

The competitive comedians of Joke-Box Jury then retook possession for one week before our moneyed mate Mustapha moved back for 2 issues. Jokes were again on page 22 in the 23 September 1978 comic, but rather than the Joke-Box Jury panel, it was the final part of the cut-out-and-play Crack-A-Joke game that came to rest on page 22.

A 5-week run of Calculator Kid then commenced, after which adverts again moved in, this time for a week...

Date Details
04-Nov-78Ad: IPC 'Knockout Annual' 2 of 3 Ad: 'Soccer Monthly' 4 of 5

Calculator Kid then resumed for 3 weeks This was to be Charlie and Calc's final page 22 run, bringing to 9 the number of appearances they made in that location and making Calculator Kid the third most regular page 22 occupant.

Saturday appeared on page 22 in the edition dated 02 December 1978 (the first of 2 consecutive issues which had 28 pages - instead of the usual 32 - due to an industrial dispute). In the second truncated issue, the final Laugh and Learn feature occupied the page under review.

Following these 2 shortened editions, industrial relations evidently worsened, as the comic wasn't published for 3 weeks.

Cheeky Weekly returned to the newsagents' shelves with a full-size, 'standby' issue dated 06 January 1979, in which Skateboard Squad's adventure appeared on page 22.
Cheeky's Saturday outings to the cinema had come to an end in the 02 December 1978 issue, and the resulting reorganisation of the comic's contents meant that the toothy funster's Thursday page was shunted forward to page 22 in the editions cover-dated 13 January to 03 February 1979. The What's New Kids advertising feature then moved in for a week, following which Skateboard Squad made a return visit to the location under review, but their last under the strip's original title.

Adverts were again in evidence (sharing a page in one case) for 2 issues...

Date Details
24-Feb-79Ad: IPC 'Alpha Man starts next week'\Joke-Box Jury
03-Mar-79Ad: IPC 'Cheeky Weekly: Want to win some extra cash?'Ad: 'Do you have trouble getting copies of Cheeky Weekly' 1 of 5

For the next 2 issues Thursday moved back in, before the lucky winners of The Saint competition (or should that be the The Saint competition?) were listed on page 22 in the comic dated 24 March 1979.

Cheeky's Thursday doings were the subject of page 22 the following week, but 7 days later another run of ads commenced...

Date Details
07-Apr-79Ad: WH Smith
14-Apr-79Ad: KP (final appearance) 'Outer Spacers'
21-Apr-79Ad: WH Smith
28-Apr-79Ad: Palitoy 'Pippa' 2 of 4
05-May-79Ad: IPC 'Jackpot' 1 of 7

...following which the witticisms of Joke-Box Jury enjoyed a further 2-week page 22 sojourn. Cut-out booklet 'The Cheeky Spotter Book of Town and Around' then moved in for a week, after which Thursday returned before being ousted after one appearance by the return of the Spotter Book, for its final instalment.

More ads ensued...

Date Details
16-Jun-79Ad: IPC 'Buster Holiday Special' 3 of 3 Ad: 'Angler's Mail' 1 of 2
23-Jun-79Ad: IPC 'Cheeky Summer Special' 4 of 6 Ad: 'Whizzer and Chips Summer Special' 1 of 3
30-Jun-79Ad: Action Man (first appearance)

Thursday then returned for an 11 -week stint, before being usurped in the 22 September 1979 issue by a surprise appearance of Wednesday, which was unceremoniously shoved towards the rear pages by a Joke-Box Jury double-pager earlier in the comic.

A week later Thursday began its valedictory page 22 run, spending 5 weeks culminating in the 27 October 1979 edition and bringing Thursday's total page 22 outings to 24, making it the second most regular feature to appear on the subject page.

In the following issue page 22 was home to the final outing of short-lived filler feature Tease Break. Why, Dad, Why? made its only page 22 appearance a week later, following which Joke-Box Jury moved back for one issue before being deposed in the edition dated 24 November 1979 by an ad placed by Peter Pan Playthings, who were on this occasion keen to impress that their Superdraw, Clobber or Snoopy Mighty Model Maker games would make mighty fine additions to readers' Christmas lists.

The jesters and judges of Joke-Box Jury were then back for a week, after which, in the 08 December edition, Peter Pan Playthings made their final bid to increase Christmas sales by re-running the same ad from two weeks earlier.

The following 2 weeks saw Joke-Box Jury return to page 22, bringing to an end its run in this location.

The following issue, dated 29 December 1979 saw two IPC ads sharing the page under review; Shoot's Christmas 'Big Double Issue' was in the shops that week, while the following week's issue of Penny would include the first part of an 'Engagements Calendar'. This was the last time page 22 would host advertising.

Paddywack, Elephant on the Run, Speed Squad and The Gang would be the respective page 22 occupants in the next four issues, each of whose visits was their sole time in that location.

Our prosperous pal Mustapha Million was featured on page 22 in the last Cheeky Weekly dated 02 February 1980. This brought to 35 the total times the affable Arab had fetched up on page 22, making Mustapha the most regular inhabitant of the site under examination.

Count of Elements (or distinct combinations thereof) appearing on Page 22
Elements Total
Mustapha Million 1/228
Calculator Kid9
Joke-Box Jury8
Advertisement: IPC\Advertisement: IPC5
Mustapha Million 2/25
Advertisement: Peter Pan Playthings3
Advertisement: WH Smith2
Cheeky Spotter Book of Town and Around 2/22
Home Movie2
Mustapha Million2
Skateboard Squad2
Advertisement: Action Man1
Advertisement: Birds Eye Mousse1
Advertisement: IPC1
Advertisement: IPC\Advertisement: Bassett's1
Advertisement: IPC\Joke-Box Jury1
Advertisement: KP1
Advertisement: Palitoy1
Advertisement: Rowntree Mackintosh1
Advertisement: Sporting Aces1
Crack-A-Joke Game 2/21
Elephant On The Run 1/21
Joke-Box Jury 1/21
Laugh and Learn 1/21
Old Comic1
Paddywack 1/21
Saint competition results 1/21
Saturday 1/21
Speed Squad1
Tease Break1
The Gang 1/21
What's New, Kids1
Why, Dad, Why?1

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