Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Thursday 9 January 2014

Profile - Libby

The first of Cheeky's painful encounters with the business end of Libby's protest placard occurred on Friday in the third issue of Cheeky Weekly. After accusing the toothy funster of being a male chauvinist piglet due to his treatment of Nosy Nora, Libby (whose attitude, name and placard were of course humorous references to the Women's Liberation Movement) literally struck a blow for downtrodden females that left our grinning pal in need of medical attention.

Libby's first cranium-crushing appearance
Cheeky Weekly 05 November 1977
Art: Frank McDiarmid

This set the trend for the majority of Libby's 27 Cheeky Weekly appearances, as she responded violently to what she considered to be Cheeky's slights against female members of the supporting cast.

Libby had actually made her comic debut the week before in the 29 October 1977 issue of Krazy.

Page from the 'Ello, It's Cheeky strip,
Krazy 29 October 1977
Art: Jim Watson
Unfortunately Cheeky's final witticism is cut off at the
bottom of the page. I have seen two copies of this
Krazy issue and both have suffered from
the same printing error.

In a retaliatory move, our grinning pal deviously engineered a titanic punch-up between Libby and Louise in the 03 December 1977 issue.

Art: Frank McDiarmid pencils

On a few occasions Libby leapt to the defence of Ursula, only to realise that the lumbering lolly lady was more than capable of dealing with any insults.

Art: Unknown Cheeky Artist 1

The first of Libby's front page appearances was on the cover of the 17 December 1977 issue, where the feisty feminist was seen threatening Cheeky, and in the same comic she appeared throughout the Friday page.

In the 31 December 1977 edition, Libby was one of the guests at the Vicar's Boxing Day party but thankfully she appeared to have left her placard at home. However, Libby fetched Cheeky a nasty knock on the noggin the following day, and was back again on New Year's Eve, albeit only as a frightening figment of the toothy funster's imagination as he pondered who would be the first across the threshold of the Cheeky household at midnight. This issue featured the highest number of elements in which Libby appeared in a single edition of the comic. Unlike some of the Cheeky's Week cast, Libby never appeared throughout a whole week in a single issue (much to Cheeky's relief, no doubt).
I don't normally adjust the quality of my scans but the amount of ink soaking
through from the other side of this page necessitated an attempt at corrective action.
Art: Jim Watson

A Cheeky's Pal strip (the forerunner of Cheeky Weekly's Burpo Special) was devoted to Libby in Krazy dated 28 January 1978.

Krazy 28 January 1978
Art: Jim Watson

Libby suffered another unfortunate interval event in the 03 June 1978 issue.

Art: Jim Watson

Libby's third and final Krazy appearance came in that comic's final issue dated 15 April 1978 as the toothy funster and his pals encouraged readers to follow them to Cheeky Weekly.

Back in Cheeky Weekly, the pugnacious protester was seen in the 24 June 1978 Skateboard Squad episode.

Libby made her second and final front page appearance, as a member of the Joke-Box Jury panel, on the cover of the 17 February 1979 edition and on the J-B J page, three jokes elicited a 'snigger' from the placard-wielding wildcat.

The cantankerous campaigner appeared in only 4 issues in 1979; 13 January (with a note from Frank McDiarmid reading “Remember Libby, kids?” as her previous appearance had been in the 07 October 1978 comic), 17 February (the aforementioned Joke-Box Jury), 09 June and the Christmas issue dated 29 December, which was the final time she featured in the comic. However, I suspect that the Cheeky's Week pages that appeared in the 29 December 1979 issue were drawn for the Christmas 1978 edition, which failed to appear due to an industrial dispute. If I'm right, this would mean that Libby's 09 June 1979 outing was the last to be written and drawn. Maybe Hypno-Tessa's influence turned out to be permanent.

Cheeky Weekly 09 June 1979 - Libby's real final appearance?
Art: Frank McDiarmid pencils

Character Total Issues First Appearance Final Appearance

Count of elements by artist

Character Artist Total Elements
LibbyFrank McDiarmid pencils12
LibbyFrank McDiarmid9
LibbyUnknown Cheeky Artist 14
LibbyBarrie Appleby3
LibbyJim Watson2
LibbyMike Lacey1
LibbyDick Millington1


  1. it seems it was a bad trim job on Jim's 'Ello, it's Cheeky page. I have just received a copy of the 29/10 issue, and my copy finishes with "Couple of Hundred lines" and that was it. I would be surprised if there was a copy with Cheeky's final line (if you'll pardon the pun) is intact. :(

    1. You're probably right. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to print Krazy's Cheeky pages without the usual margins around the artwork.