Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!

Welcome to the Cheeky Weekly blog!
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Monday, 25 September 2017

The Pages - Page 28

Each issue of Cheeky Weekly commenced with the toothy funster's doings on Sunday, then progressed through the week, culminating in the following Saturday. Thus, as we progress towards the back of the comic in this series examining the contents of each page throughout the comic's run, we find ourselves considering the latter portion of the week. Since Cheeky had a regular appointment at the Saturday morning picture show, it's not surprising that we encounter an element of the picture show sequence on page 28 of Cheeky Weekly's first edition, namely the second page of Wile E Coyote's adventure which was that issue's strip representing the animated cartoon element of the big screen programme.

The following week the Interval component of the picture show sequence came to rest on page 28, but 7 days later an 8-week run on page 28 of Space Family Robinson, the adventure serial element of the show, commenced.

This run was ended in the 31 December 1977 Christmas issue when Bam Splat and Blooie shared page 28 with and ad for IPC's soccer title, Shoot!

Sci-Fi thrills then resumed as Space Family Robinson enjoyed a further 4 week sojourn in the subject location, after which Interval moved back in for 2 issues. The 04 February 1978 edition saw Bam Splat and Blooie sharing page 28 with a half page Interval. Interval expanded to its usual full page the following issue, after which Space Family Robinson returned for what was to be their final page 28 outing. The Robinsons' alien-planet-ordeal occupied page 28 on 13 occasions making them the third most frequent occupants.

Interval then resumed for 18 issues, interrupted for 2 weeks by Tweety and Sylvester. In the comic dated 15 July 1978, Interval began a 4-week run, after which the debut Cheeky Weekly appearance of Archie's Angels came to rest on page 28. However, the intrepid air display teams's tenure of the subject location was to prove brief, as Interval then commenced a 6 issue residency which proved to be the final Interval run in that location, bringing to 31 the total times the feature appeared on page 28 and making it the most regular occupant.

In the 30 September 1978 comic it was the fearsomely-fanged-predator-versus-geriatric-protagonist shenanigans of Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf? that acted as the animated cartoon, but Tweety and Sylvester provided the same function a week later, with Ghouldilocks doing the same thing in her own spectral fashion in the following issue.

In honour of Cheeky Weekly's first birthday, the 14 October 1978 edition saw a special one-off Interval element, Hey Presto! Magic Show, occupy page 28, but the furious bird-and-cat feuding of Tweety and Sylvester then returned to the site under review for 5 weeks.

The first of the truncated issues, dated 02 December 1978, resulted in page 28 being the back cover and thus Saturday (featuring the last of the Cheeky's Pal Puzzles) being the occupant, while the back page of the second 28-page issue a week later was home to a Pin-Up Pal poster of Flash Harry. Cheeky Weekly was then absent from newsagents for 3 weeks, returning with an issue dated 06 January 1979, in which the Chit-Chat letters page made its first appearance on page 28, remaining in that location for a further 12 issues until ousted by Saturday. However, Chit-Chat moved back in a week later, this time clocking up a 9-week run.

Page 28 in the 16 June 1979 edition hosted a competition entitled Who Is The Alpha Man?, inviting readers who had been following the nefarious deeds of the aforementioned letter-loving criminal to submit their guesses as to the identity of the titular felon, whose story had come to a conclusion on the preceding page. Sharing page 28 with this competition was a half-page ad placed by Dunlop, who were promoting their line of Playsport outdoor games with a nice drawing by Nick Baker (of Smiler fame) depicting a bunch of kids and parents working themselves into a frenzy of summer, back-garden fun while using a selection of the products on offer.

Chit-Chat moved back for 2 weeks which concluded its appearances in the subject location and making it the second most regular page 28 occupant with a total of 24 visits.

Speed Squad thundered onto page 28 a week later, their first outing in this location, but their initial sojourn was a brief one as in the next edition the showbiz antics of Stage School replaced the intrepid trio.

The various blunders of Paddywack were then the subject of the location under review for 6 issues until, in the 01 September 1979 comic, Disaster Des made his sole visit, after which Mustapha Million enjoyed a similarly unique outing.

Paddywack then returned for 2 weeks, and then Why, Dad, Why? turned up for a week. The reprinted telephonic tribulations of Ringer Dinger made their Cheeky Weekly debut 7 days later, but then Why, Dad, Why? returned.

The following week an ad drawn by Brian Bolland depicting selections from Palitoy's Star Wars range occupied page 28 but 7 days later Cheeky's Friday doings were the subject of the page. Paddywack then made a final foray on to the location under review, after which Speed Squad moved back in for 9 issues, in the 15 December 1979 comic sharing the page with a row of vintage Mike Lacey single-panel gags, a filler that was entitled Cheeky Chuckles.

A one-off filler feature focusing on the health regime of Krazy Town's fitness fanatic failure, Jogging Jeremy's Weakly Exercise Routine, then shared the page with ad an for IPC's veteran sport-oriented title Tiger,  alerting prospective readers to the imminent commencement of a 1980 Winter Olympics booklet within its pages.

Speed Squad's high-velocity escapades were the subject of page 28 in the final 2 issues of Cheeky Weekly, and they were the third most regular visitors to the site under review with 11 of their strips zooming through.

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